My Testament to Audio Books

Every year we set a reading goal that is supposed to stretch us, and push us to the limits of reading.  We aim to expand our library and broaden our horizons.

Personally, I have set my goal at 60 books for 2016, as I do work a standard 9-5 Monday through Friday and that doesn’t leave a lot of reading time in the evening before its time for bed and back at it again.

The best way for me to hit my reading goals, was to take advantage of all the ‘adult time’ I was obligated to dedicate my life to, like driving to work, and cleaning my house.  I wanted to squeeze in a few extra books, but have you ever tried dusting while reading a physical book? It’s impossible I tell you.

Fast forward to now, and I am an avid listener and supporter of audio books.  At first I was hesitant, the whole “I’m not an auditory learner!” spiel.  But when I was commuting 30 minutes to and from work, the radio was really starting to bore me.  I can’t listen to the same 17 songs over and over again, and whenever I listen to the music on my iPod, I start to wonder what was wrong with me in college to download these songs.  So, I hijacked my dad’s Audible username and started listening to a political thriller to occupy my drive.

I personally like to listen to action packed books, as it is not as easy to just skip ahead if there is a lull in the story.  (I seriously hope I am not the only one who has just skimmed an entire chapter if nothing is going on….) I gravitate towards political thrillers, since those are usually between 12-15 hours long, and have a fast paced, engaging plot line that keeps me focused on the story at hand, instead of day dreaming.  You can see what my library looks like: a lot of “WOO AMERICA!” books.  I have listened to all 14 Mitch Rapp books by Vince Flynn (RIP buddy), all 15 Scot Harvath books by Brad Thor, mixed it up a teeny bit with the Joe Ledger series by Jonathon Maeberry (those are more sci-fi political thrillers) all with random sniper, shoot-em up novels thrown in the mix as well. These are books that don’t slow down, and honestly, don’t require a lot of brain power to listen to. I just want to zone out and enjoy the book, not trying to figure out a whodunnit here.

I do think there are more appropriate times to get into an audio book for all of those visual learners out there:

  • Long car rides? Check!
  • Spring cleaning? Check!
  • Torturing yourself on a treadmill? Double check!
  • Taking the doges out for a nice long walk? Yup, definitely bring the audio book!

Not every second of my day can be dedicated to reading, although who are we kidding, don’t we wish it could be? All of that free time where I would have previously occupied myself with music, I now fill in with an audio book instead.  With this attitude, I can complete an extra 15-20 books a year (depending on how obsessed i get with the story).  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  If you don’t listen to audio books, or you are looking for some good narrator suggestions, I would be happy to help out!

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