April OwlCrate Unboxing!

I love, love, love subscription boxes.  I remember last summer when I first started stalking bookstagram accounts, I was seeing OwlCrate boxes randomly show up on my feed…and I thought to myself, “I need that in my life”.

I signed up for their waiting list, which I was on for a solid month and a half before I received that glorious email: Subscribe Now!  And subscribe I did.

The greatest thing about subscription boxes (bookish and non-bookish), is that every month is like a mini Christmas present, or a birthday treat.  Even if not everything in the box is to your liking, you can always find someone else that you can re-gift to.  But since this is specifically about OwlCrate, and it is my first post on such items, I want to briefly highlight what I like most about this wonderful company:

  1. I have been subjected to several books I would never have picked up on my own, and that I would classify as being ‘outside of my comfort zone’.  Whether or not I have enjoyed all of them is irrelevant.  It is about broadening my reading horizons, and I love this.
  2. Bookish merch for #bookstagram photos.  ‘Nuff said.
  3.  Letters from the authors of the book featured.  This is probably my favorite part about the box.  They feel so much more personalized and put together.  It makes my heart happy to be reminded that there are real people who put together these books and boxes.

So without further ado, I present the April OwlCrate box: dystopia!


This box features two Hunger Games items: a Katniss minimalist magnet, made by Half Blood Prints, and a mockingjay  bracelet, created by The Geeky Cauldron.  The Hunger Games was one of the first, and in my opinion the best, young adult dystopian societies and it holds a special place in a lot of our hearts.  I love that OwlCrate acknowledged that love in this box, without overdoing it.

Next up, is the window “WCKD” decal made by Shailey Ann Design.  I think this is super cool even though I haven’t read the Maze Runner series, and it breaks up the usual sort of goodies we receive in these boxes.  I won’t put this on my car or window, but I’m sure the boyfriend will enjoy this somewhere.

Probably my favorite item in the box is the coaster made by Evie Bookish. Not necessarily sticking with the dystopian theme, the coaster reads: “I spend my time folded between pages of books”. HOW TRUE THIS IS!  The design is so beautiful and the object so unique, I love this.

I have gathered a lot of little notebooks through subscription boxes and I always struggle to find uses for them.  But, that doesn’t mean the little notebook included in this month’s box  (created by Manuscript Notebooks,) isn’t incredibly cool looking.  The 1984 design is awesome, and I love that OwlCrate is bringing classic influences to their boxes.   This is a book I read years ago in high school, but classics are classics for a reason and everyone should read them once.

Finally, the book.  A dystopian YA novel written by Cecilia Ahern.  The summary reads:

Celestine North lives a perfect life. She’s a model daughter and sister, she’s well-liked by her classmates and teachers, and she’s dating the impossibly charming Art Crevan.  But then Celestine encounters a situation in which she makes an instinctive decision. She breaks a rule and now faces life-changing repercussions. She could be imprisoned. She could be branded. She could be found FLAWED.

I probably won’t get to this book immediately, as it doesn’t jump off my TBR list as something I NEED to read, but again I’m excited that I have a variety of books from OwlCrate that I would not have bought on my own.

Overall, I thought this was a great box.  OwlCrate has just gotten better and better with each month, the goodies inside unique and exclusive. I haven’t calculated the monetary value because I don’t care all that much.  The value is in the experience for me and I will continue to get these boxes.

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