May Wrap Up!

May was a weird month, and I know I’ve been semi absent, but I am going to do way better next month about keeping up with this!  It’s hard as an adult, with a 9-5 job, to do all the things every day that I NEED to do, and then all the things that I want to do….. some stuff just gets left in the dust with the idea of “tomorrow I will get to it”.

So without further ado, and mostly because I need to cease my rambling, here is my May 2016 book wrap up!

A Court of Mist and Fury

img_2187Let me start by saying I already have a review of this on my blog, so go check that out!  I will gobble up anything that Sarah J Maas ever writes.  You hear that Sarah? ANYTHING!!! So even though I thought A Court of Thorns and Roses was only a 3 star book, I didn’t hesitate to make, (literally force) the boyfriend to go buy ACOMAF for me the day it came out.  And ACOMAF is so far past 5 stars its not even funny.  ALL THE STARS IN THE NIGHT COURT, ALL OF ‘EM!


City of Thieves

I was battling a mini book hangover when I finished ACOMAF, naturally, likeimg_2255-1 87.5% of other bookies out there.  But I had received this book in a swap that I participated in at the end of April, and it’s a quick read so I thought I could force myself to finish even if I didn’t like it.  Joke is on me.  I loved this book.  It is so heartwarming and depressing all at once.  I felt all the feels reading this.  5 stars!



WHY WHY WHY did it take me so long to read this!  Not like finish, but literally pick up off of my shelf and read.  This was one of the more unique books I have ever read.  I had a chance to grab the sequel, Gemina, while I was at The BookCon, but I am shallow and I need my books to match.  So alas, I will need to wait until October to find out what happens next.  Review to come soon, which will mostly be pretty pictures and fangirling 😉  5 stars!


(Dang, this is a pretty great quality reading month already!)

Big Magic

I got this book for Christmas from my mom.  She got me the signed edition (hooray!) and I started reading it shortly after the New Year.  And then, I just stopped.  It wasn’t that I didn’t like it.  I actually really enjoy the way Elizabeth Gilbert writes. img_1534 It feels more like she is talking directly to me, rather than through the pages.  Usually I don’t enjoy this relaxed style of writing, but Gilbert seems like such a real person, that I felt connected to her words.  I think the problem with reading this was that I felt like it was a chore.  I had to have my tabs in hand, and I felt obligated to mark the points where she was really, really speaking to me.  So I just started new books.  And Big Magic sat on my nightstand, looking pretty, but remaining unread.  Finally I thought it was time to finish, so finish I did.  I am going to have to give Big Magic 3 stars, for the sheer reason that it didn’t hook me enough to read all at once.


Little Women

img_1562I wanted to incorporate more classics into my reading schedule this year.  That was a reading goal of mine: to have 5 out of my 60 book goal to be classics.  Well, I am utterly failing at this.  It is now June, and I have read only one.  Little Women took me over a month and a half to read.  I just couldn’t get into it.  I liked the writing, but I didn’t like that there wasn’t an overall plot.  It is just 4 girls and their family and friends.  I am sure this book is chock full of moral lessons and great advice (as a matter of fact, Marmee may be my new favorite book mom) but where is the plot?  Am I missing something? Someone help me out here.  3 stars, because I feel bad about giving a classic book less?!

 It is now summer time which means: contemporary reads? High fantasy reads? Either way, June is going to be a great month.  Happy reading everyone!


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