June Book Haul!

img_3378I was talking on the phone to my sister the other day, and we were discussing books as we often do.  I expressed a little bit of guilt at how many books I buy, compared to how many books I own that remain unread, and something clicked in me.  I realized that never, ever am I going to complete my TBR list.  There will always be new books that are being released, there will always be newly discovered series, and there will always be pretty books that I buy based solely on looks that remain forever unread.

And once I came to this conclusion, I no longer felt guilty about loading up my book outlet shopping cart (they were having a site wide sale, okay?!) and also picking up a few anticipated reads at Barnes & Noble throughout the month.  So without further ado, here is my June book haul!

I don’t think I went too crazy with my book outlet haul: I got 11 books, and only spent $40 including shipping.  Some of these were solely cover buys, (I admit that I don’t have the desire to move them up high on my TBR list), but a few of them I am actually really excited to read!

  • Trial by Fire – I have every intention of reading this book and not letting it sit in the unread pile for the whole year.  I love fantasy, and this has relatively good reviews, so I am excited!
  • Jackaby – not really sure what this is about, but once I read the synopsis, I was intrigued.  It seems like a fast read too!
  • Seeker – again, I have no idea what this is about, but its pretty!
  • One Night in Winter – I searched for “historical fiction” and decided on this WWII novel.
  • The Man Who Loved Dogs – I am “The Woman Who Loves Dogs” yes?
  • Lux – IT WAS $2.31 GUYS
  • Incarceron – shameless cover buy, but the boyfriend says this is his favorite of the bunch.
  • Stealing Mona Lisa – a mystery! Yes!  (I also have no idea what this is about)
  • Every Day – I attended a panel at BookCon and listened to David Leimg_3276viathan speak, and I really enjoyed him.  I actually bought this book with that in mind, since I have been meaning to pick up one of his novels for a while now.
  • The Miniaturist – I have wanted to read this for so long!  The cover is so perfect, and I have seen this book sprinkled throughout bookstragram for quite a while.  I was extremely excited when I found a ‘scratch and dent’ copy for ridiculously cheap, and BONUS! the only thing that was wrong with the book were a few bent pages.
  • Gathering Darkness – so. This was a random buy.  I know this is the third book in the Falling Kingdom Series.  And I also realize that I haven’t read the first two, let alone own them.  BUT I WANT TO OK!?  This was too good of a deal to pass up.  I will get the others, and then I will read this.  Some day….


Epic Reads also had a weekend sale a few weeks ago, for 25% off Walk the Earth a Stranger, AND free shipping.  I have wanted to read this book for a while, so I jumped at the opportunity.  Also, quick little fun fact, they sent this book in a box that could have fit all of my book outlet haul.  For one book.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

A Barnesimg_3113 & Noble trip had me bringing home both Lily and the Octopus, and The Nightingale.  I have wanted to read The Nightingale since it came out last year, but I could never find it for a reasonable price.  I finally put my pride aside and bought it.  Lily and the Octopus was recommended to me highly by one of my book friends, and she said it made her fall in love with her dog all over again.  I don’t know how I could possibly love my dogs more than I do now, but we will see.

My dad has been listing to the Red Rising trilogy audio books, and recently informed me that this “may be his favorite series of all time”.  He listens to a TON of books, and so this is not a statement to be taken lightly.  Also, he can be a little….obsessive…. when he discovers something he likes, so he bought and sent me Red Rising two days after starting Golden Son.  I love him.

And finally, I almost forgot to include my OwlCrate book too!  My Lady Jane.  I seriously cannot wait to read this, it looks so good!


So, I hauled 16 books this month.  I am not ashamed.  How many did you haul?

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