June OwlCrate Unboxing!

I swear, every month the latest OwlCrate box becomes my new favorite, and June’s Royalty box is no exception.  I also feel like they are shipping out the boxes earlier and earlier, and this makes me a happy bookworm, because I am not good at waiting.

If you have ever read my subscription box reviews, I assign a monetary value to the items that are included in international boxes, since it is harder to decide if the value of the box will outweigh the shipping costs.  However, in the case of my OwlCrate reviews,  I don’t feel that is necessary as the box is already reasonably priced and I find value in the experience of the unboxing and the bookstagram community.  So, without further ado, I present the June OwlCrate box: Royalty!

The first thing that I grabbed out of the box was the mystery mini Disney princess funko!  I was super anxious to see who I received, and was elated to find an adorable little Jasmine!  Aladdin is one of my favorite classic Disney movies, so this was perfect.

Next, are these super cute Crafted Van magnetic bookmarks.  I like the design, but I especially like the purple tones, because you know, royalty.  They are a little small for my taste in bookmarks, however, they are adorable.

I love ALL of Evie Bookish’s designs, and this exclusive Red Queen print is no exception!  It is so unique, and I love how well it captured the tone of the book (even though it isn’t high on my list of 2016 reads).  I cannot wait to frame it.img_3219

This bracelet inspired by Cinder and created by _____ was probably the item highlight of the box for me.  It is sturdily made, unique, and beautiful.  Even though I have not yet read The Lunar Chronicles, I adore this quote, and I think it looks fantastic behind the glass bead.  While I love it, I can’t help feeling a little bad for male subscribers of this box.  I have no idea what the numbers are, but this particular theme seemed to heavily favor a female audience.

Finally, the book!  My Lady Jane, I am in love already.  A catchy title, a beautiful cover, and a synopsis that is to die for.   I can honestly say that this is my favorite thing in the box, this book looks perfect!  I am a huge fan of historical fiction, and I love that this book is co-written by three bad ass females.  I think the book selection every month that has passed has gone up, and thimg_3215is makes me even more excited to read My Lady Jane (and see what else OwlCrate has in store for us)!

The June box was amazing, and July’s theme could quite possibly top it.  The theme is Good vs. Evil, and there will be two different boxes, a good and an evil.  Knowing me and who I am, I will get the Evil box, because I desperately want/need the good one.  Either way, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us next month!

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