June Wrap Up!

Only a week late, that’s not so bad right?!

june wrapup

I really wanted to knock out a bigger chunk of books from my TBR list in the month of June, so I told myself that June would be dedicated to solely YA novels.  I know I can read these faster than ‘adult fiction’, and so I set forward with the intent of fully finishing at least 5 books.  Turns out I finished 6, and I think that is pretty amazing!  I do work full time, so the time I get to dedicate to reading is also split up between spending time with my boyfriend and dogs, cooking, working out…. You know, life….

Life was so much easier in school when all I had to do was read, do homework, and go to class.  But let’s lay this ramble sesh to rest, and present my June Wrap Up!

The Unexpected Everything


I do have a full review of this book you can check out here!, but lets just say I loved it.  This book is full of dogs, fantastic friend moments, and the perfect book boyfriend.  I am in absolute awe at how much I love this dust jacket as well, look at all of these adorable pups!  The Unexpected Everything was a perfect summer read, and I am glad that I started out my month with this books.  5 stars!

The Paladin

I also have a full review of The Paladin you can check out here, but this was not my favorite book of the month.  It was just okay, and I go into more depth about why in my review.  I do love the cover though, and I do love the author.  I sincerely hope that this book gets picked up by a real publisher and goes through a more editorial process, I think I would reread it at that point.

Even if the Sky Falls

img_3201Check out my full review of this cute, contemporary love story here.  Doesn’t this book give you all the cover feels?  While the story was a fun, light hearted love story, I found it to be a little bit of a disappointment.  I think I had just built the book up in my head based solely on the fact that it was set in New Orleans, where I am from.  Either way, I finished the book in a weekend, and I was glad to be able to have read this debut.


AH!  I really loved this book!  Safi and Iseult are serious #friendgoals.  I just finished my full review, which you can check out right here! but basically it took me so long because I was really trying to tame the fangirl.  I do want to say that anyone that has given up on this book in the first 50 pages needs to hard core consider their life decisions!  Once you get past the first 75 or so pages, Truthwitch is amazing.  Action packed, intriguing, and swoony witch men? Yes please. 4 stars for you Ms. Dennard!


I received Ruined in my May FairyLoot box and thought that it sounded awesome, so I promptly catapulted it up my TBR list.  I did enjoy the book despite a few flaws that I am anxious to see be worked out in the following novels.  It certainly wasn’t my favorite read of the month, but the story was entertaining as well as the main character, and I am curious to see how the story finishes.  You can read my full review by clicking right here, but in the mean time, I leave you with 3 stars!

The Well of Ascension

I was able to finish off my month with the second book in the Mistborn trilogy, and what a way to end the month!  This book was utterly fantastic.  I am trying to figure out a way to review this book without having reviewed the first book, The Final Empire, on my blog, (I read this one back in January of this year), but I think I may end up having to do a combo review.  Anyways, Brandon img_3601Sanderson is a master of fantasy, and this book gripped me from chapter one, to the epilogue.  I cant wait to get my hands on the third book! Well that concludes my June reads!  Did anyone else read any of the same books I did?  What was your favorite read this month?  So many questions…. But I am looking forward to July and my month of adult fiction, no YA novels in July!


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