24in48 Marathon Recap

img_3876Hi, everyone and happy Monday! I participated in a read-a-thon this weekend called 24in48, created by Rachel at 24in48.  I have always wanted to participate in a read-a-thon, but have never really taken the plunge because they are usually oriented around a 24 hour reading marathon.  As an adult with a full time job, I just can’t do the all-nighters anymore, they will ruin my sleeping schedule for a week, rather than a day back when I was in college.  Anyways, the attraction of the 24in48 marathon is that out of the 48 hours in the weekend, you aim to read for 24 of them.  Much easier than a 24 hour sprint!

I cataloged my reading adventures through Twitter, and briefly on my bookstagram, but I wanted to take this time to show you how my weekend played out.  Enjoy!

7/22/16 (Friday) 16:00

I got off work early today which was fantastic.  More time dedicated to this task looming ahead of me.  I know this is supposed to be casual, but of course I am having read-a-thon doubts!  Will I be able to endure?  I have a few errands to run before I head home, but the plan is simply this:  Target run for breakfast foods, home for nap time, set alarm for midnight to get a start on.  Let’s do this!

7/22/16 (Friday) 20:06

So much for the nap.  I cant sleep when it isnt the right time to sleep.  Instead, the boyfriend and I are going to go to our local Starbucks, walk around, and catch Pokemon.

7/22/16 (Friday) 23:35

I really wanted to get about three or four hours of reading in tonight.  But I am already fantasizing about that cup of coffee I will inevitably be making soon.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 00:01

img_3981-1LET’S GO!  I have finished half of Morning Star by Pierce Brown earlier this week, and so I want to finish that before I pick up my next book.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 02:02

I have finished 100 pages of Morning Star, and I fell asleep mid chapter.  This is not a book you can just fall asleep mid chapter, therefore, bedtime.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 09:24

The dogs usually never let us sleep this late.  Even on the weekends, I am woken up no later than 8:30 with a puppy nose in my face, sighing deeply, asking for a morning walk.  This morning, no puppy wake up call came.  But, I have brushed my teeth, made the bed, brewed my coffee, and opened my book.  Time to dive back into Morning Star.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 13:36

I finished Morning Star, and I realized I have made a grave error in planning out this read-a-thon.  Why did I finish an epic book, which is the finale to an epic series, FIRST?  The Red Rising trilogy is not something that you just close the book and say to yourself “that was great, okay next.”  No.  I need to grieve.  I need to let this soak in.  I need time dammit, I need to mourn the end of a series, one which is probably in my top 5.  I think.  YOU SEE?!  I need to let the events of Morning Star simmer, to organize my thoughts.img_3877

The dogs are looking at me pathetically, so I am going to take them for a walk.  I will put on my audio book in an effort to squeeze in more reading time, but something tells me the act will be fruitless.  I have a wandering mind now, and focusing on an audio book will be hard.  We will see.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 14:51

I have been trying to be semi active on Twitter, to participate in the social aspect of the read-a-thon, but I discovered that all of the giveaways and contests are through a different social media app, Litsy.  I have heard of this app before, but I don’t have a Litsy account, and honestly, wasn’t  planning on getting one.

I downloaded it anyway, because I wanted a shot at the giveaways and other fun things happening over there, but I immediately regretted it.  There are too many social media outlets in my life, and Litsy just overwhelmed me.  I like being a bookstagrammer, and I use Goodreads all the time to find new books.  I also don’t mind randomly popping into Twitter, although I felt semi-pressured to get one to grow my blog, but the combination of all three of those outlets PLUS Litsy…. It just put me over the edge.  I deleted the app two hours after downloading

I am going to read a middle grade novel I picked up specifically for this weekend, The Wild Robot.  I don’t really know what it is about, but the illustrations inside are adorable, so I am excited.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 16:08

I ate a chocolate muffin and read about half of The Wild Robot.  My mind cannot stop wandering.  Right now, I am currently obsessed with how busy of a week I am going to have blogging, in order to catch up on all of these books that I have binge read for this marathon.  I hate to be a negative Nancy, but I don’t know if I am going to participate in one of these again.  I know it is supposed to be a relaxed environment, but I am not a person that can sit back and relax.  I have mild anxiety and OCD, and I put a LOT of unnecessary pressure on myself.  I don’t think I am going to be able to be as unproductive tomorrow as I have been so far today.Photo Jul 17, 16 33 14

I am going to go back to my audio book, run some errands and get some food.  I am craving Chick-fil-a, so chicken it will be.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 18:07

According to my stop watch on my phone, I am at 7 hours and 57 minutes of reading, and we are approaching the end of day one.  Yep, all hope of 24 hours of reading has flown out of the window.  I decided to let it go.  That was the only way I was going to salvage this weekend, I knew I needed to just relax, set a more realistic expectation, and just enjoy the books I am reading…. You know, like the whole purpose of read-a-thons.  I just got caught up in the competitive aspect of it, rather than just enjoying a cup of coffee and my book.

I am almost done with The Wild Robot, and while it falls into the genre of middle grade reads, I think it is very sweet.  The writing is a tad more juvenile than I would have liked, but the illustrations more than make up for it.  They are adorable, and I cannot stop looking at them.

7/23/16 (Saturday) 20:15

The boyfriend and I are going to the gym.  I realized this is a perfect time to get in an hour to an hour and a half of reading done, by listening to my audio book.  I will admit, my friends, that it took a lot of self-control not to listen to Hamilton, and instead put on my book.  (Yes, I am that weird person who listens to a musical while cycling.)

I am finally starting to get into my audio book.  Sometimes, it just takes a few hours of listening to adjust to a new narrator.  But, I think the real reason why I wasn’t too keen on it at first, goes back to Morning Star.  I should NOT have finished that book for this read-a-thon.  Do you think I could mention that a few more times?

7/24/16 (Sunday) 00:37 Photo Jul 22, 09 18 58

After the gym, and dinner, I decided to lay down in bed with my candles and my books.  I finished The Wild Robot, and I enjoyed the book for what it was, rather than wishing for what it wasn’t.  I immediately picked up Agatha Christie’s Sparkling Cyanide that I was hoping to knock out this weekend anyway, and promptly fell asleep 6 pages in.  I am an old lady I guess.  My body is simply not cut out for reading sprints.

7/24/16 (Sunday) 9:30

TWO DAYS IN A ROW THAT THE DOGS LET US SLEEP IN?  What is this nonsense?  I was hoping to get a little bit of reading squeezed in before we start our Sunday morning routines, but alas, the universe is working against me this weekend.  The boyfriend and I usually take a walk down to Starbucks on Sunday mornings with the pups, and I need to get out of the house, so reading will wait.

7/24/16 (Sunday) 12:50

Yep, it took me that long to pick up a book again.  I am really glad I decided to incorporate an Agatha Christie book into this weekend.  Her writing is addicting, and I can see myself finishing this book, even without the reading fire lit under me.

7/24/16 (Sunday) 16:48

After reading Sparkling Cyanide on again, off again all day, I finally have the apartment to myself.  Yes, it may only be for an hour, but I am only at 10 ½ hours of reading for the weekend, so I am thinking that every minute counts.  I am about halfway through this book, and I think that I am going to finish tonight.  While there is no way I am going to come even remotely close to 24 hours, I am aiming for three books instead.  And I think that is a damn fine goal.

Once I let go of the pressure of timing myself, I realized I was a much happier book-worm.

7/24/16 (Sunday) 18:0151byDtdgOwL.

The boyfriend and I are going to see a movie tonight, but I asked him if he would like to take a ‘quick’ trip to Barnes & Noble first.  We go to B&N a couple of times a week, sometimes we buy things, but most of the time  we don’t.  He goes to the comic book / graphic novel section, and I wander in between the YA shelves, the fantasy and science fiction shelves, and new releases.  Sometimes I like to look at the classics and convince myself that I DON’T in fact, need another Barnes & Noble leather-bound Classic.  Most of the time I am pretty convincing.

But tonight, I really wanted a coffee and to just sit in the cafe for a bit.  They didn’t have a copy of Sparkling Cyanide in stock, so I grabbed a copy of Alexander Hamilton and toted it to a table in the cafe.  The obsession is real I believe.  But I also didn’t want to buy another book to be buried in my TBR stack at home, so I have decided that every time I visit B&N, I will read a little bit of this 700 page behemoth.

7/24/16 (Sunday) 21:50

I am going to finish Sparkling Cyanide tonight.  I may have failed at 24 hours, but I will not fail at this.  Let’s go!

7/24/16 (Sunday) 23:49

I have finished, and right on time too.  I love Agatha Christie’s writing, her style, and her characters.  It is really amazing to me that I have not read more of her books.  That will most certainly change in the future.

I am finishing this weekend with 14 hours and 24 minutes of reading.  That is still a damn good weekend of reading.  I don’t think I would use the word ‘fun’ to describe the past 48 hours though, but I know most of that is attributed to me and my odd quirks.  I am glad that I got to check some quick books off of my TBR, and even happier that my Goodreads reading challenge goal of 60 books is more than 2/3 completed.


Final thoughts:img_3982

Not for me.  I was a little disappointed in the Litsy situation, and my lack of motivation.  I understand why you had to have a Litsy account to participate in giveaways and contests, but it frustrated me, I don’t want anymore social media outlets!  But at least I can say that I tried.  Unfortunately for me now, the rest of this week will be a very busy writing week, as I need to catch up on all of these book reviews I need to post!


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