July FairyLoot Unboxing!

Before I even start with all of the unboxing pictures and raving about the fantastic items that were contained inside the July Fairy Loot box, I want to start by saying that this month’s box was one of the better subscription boxes I have ever received.  EVER.  While I always feel a bit hesitant ordering international boxes because of the shipping costs, the curation of the July Pirates and Power box topples any doubts I may have had.

img_4010When I posted my review of the May Fairy Loot box, I tried to break down the contents by price, just so I could see that the cost of the box including shipping was worth me continuing to purchase this subscription.  As I said earlier, I believe that this box was so well put together that I wouldn’t mind whether or not the value of the box was above and beyond what I paid for it.  However, for the benefit of anyone on the fence about internationally ordering a Fairy Loot box, I will continue the tradition of assigning a monetary value to each item included in the box.


And with all of that being said, I present the July Fairy Loot: Pirates and Power!

img_4013This box is jam packed, but the first thing I grabbed out of here is this colorful bath bomb!  Created exclusively for this box by Geeky Clean to coincide with one of the books included, the bath bomb is titled Frostblood & Fireblood, and has lovely swirls of red and blue.  I am not the biggest fan of baths in general, so I plan on giving this item to my little sister, but this is such an interesting thing to include in a book subscription box!  I love the uniqueness; including this item in the box, as well as the exclusivity of the bath bomb itself.  Other bath bombs on Geeky Clean’s website retail for  5£ ($6.55)

Also included in the box by Geeky Clean is another exclusive item: Pirate’s Bounty lip balm.  I love the label, and this smells like coconut.  It absolutely reminds me of summer time on the beach.  The product is pretty great quality too, not too waxy like other lip balms I have received in the past.  While this is another exclusive item just for Fairy Loot, lip balms go for 3£ ($3.93) on the website.

While I loved everything in this box, one of my favorite items has to be this gorgeous notebook created by Museum & Galleries.  It is a hard back notebook with a gold embossed design, and the quality is fantastic.  Seriously, I was expecting something flimsy and not as high of quality as what we got considering how much other stuff is in this box, but nope!  There were two designs that went out, both beautiful.  I have searched high and low for a price on this, but there is none to be found.  So I am COMPLETELY estimating and saying $9.  (This has to be worth more than a funko right!?)

fairy loot frost bloodThere were also two different funko pop key chains that went out in the boxes as well.  What cover ARC you received, (more on that later), correlated with which funko you got!  If you got the Fireblood ARC, then you received the Daenerys key chain, and consequently if you received the Frostblood cover then you got the Jon Snow key chain.  I really wanted Jon since I already had Dany dangling off of my keys, and that’s what I got!  I was super excited about this, Jon Snow is bae.  Too bad this little funko doesn’t give justice to his man bun am I right!?  Anyways, you can get these guys really anywhere you can find funkos for about $8.99 retail, or $6.99 on Amazon.

I used to be an avid coloring fan, but I have been neglecting my coloring past times as of late for more reading.  Being crushed under my TBR pile brings out mild anxiety attacks, yet I can’t seem to stop myself from purchasing more books!  Ah, the bookstagram lifestyle…  Anyways, this awesome “color it yourself”, currently reading bookmark was also included in this box, courtesy of Behind the Pages.  I am a huge fan of Gina’s work, and have yet to pull the trigger on purchasing anything (again, shipping) so was super excited to see this.  The material feels like papyrus to me, it is semi-textured, which means it will be less hard to smear when coloring.  I found this bookmark listed for $1.34 in Gina’s Etsy shop, which you can check out here.

fairy loot i ship it toteOk, I know that I said earlier that the notebook was my favorite part of this box, but I changed my mind because this AMAZING tote bag was hiding at the bottom underneath everything else!  Created by Alice in Wonderland, the bag reads “I ship it.” Boy oh boy, I didn’t know how much I needed this in my life until now.  Do I ship it?  Why yes, yes I do.  And I will travel to the murky depths of the ocean with my ship when it sinks.  (I would just like to apologize in advance for any family member of mine reading this and thinking: ‘what the hell is she talking about?’  Sorry ya’ll, us bookstagrammers and bloggers are very odd.)  While I don’t use tote bags all that often, I have big plans for this, just you wait and see. The quality of this bag isn’t as high as it would be on Society6 or Red Bubble, and tote bags usually retail for $18-20 there, so lets cut it in half and say this is valued at $9.

And finally, the books.  Yes, that’s right.  I said BOOKS. As in plural!  Instead of receiving one hardback, newly published YA novel this month, July Fairy Loot boxes contained TWO paperback books.  Inherited, by Freedom Matthews, was actually published a week after the boxes were shipped, and the other book, Frostblood by Elly Blake, is actually an ARC that is not going to be published until 2017.  For the sake of the length of this post, I will summarize both books to almost comically short synopsis’s.

Inherited is a book about a cursed pirate ship, friendship and love.  I don’t know if the price is different in the UK, where this is published, but I found Inherited listed on Amazon for $14.99.

Frostblood is the first book in a new trilogy, releasing in January of 2017, about a world where fire gifted people are mortal enemies of frost powered people.  As an ARC, you cannot really assign a monetary value to this, but most of the paperback books I own are about $14.99.

download (1)Obviously all of these prices are retail value, but that still brings my estimated value of the July  box up to $67.  I paid (including shipping) $48.60 for this box, which means this was an awesome deal!  Fairy Loot really knocked this box out of the park, all the items were fantastic, and the curation of the box as a whole was stunning.  I am not a rep for this company, but I love what they do, and so if you are interested in signing up, the September box will go on sale August 1st!   The theme is ‘Magic & Mayhem’ – click here to get on the wait list!


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