June Wrap Up!

Only a week late, that’s not so bad right?!

june wrapup

I really wanted to knock out a bigger chunk of books from my TBR list in the month of June, so I told myself that June would be dedicated to solely YA novels.  I know I can read these faster than ‘adult fiction’, and so I set forward with the intent of fully finishing at least 5 books.  Turns out I finished 6, and I think that is pretty amazing!  I do work full time, so the time I get to dedicate to reading is also split up between spending time with my boyfriend and dogs, cooking, working out…. You know, life….

Life was so much easier in school when all I had to do was read, do homework, and go to class.  But let’s lay this ramble sesh to rest, and present my June Wrap Up!

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The Final Empire

Brandon Sanderson

Published July 2006

Mistborn #1

ItemImage.aspx_*Disclaimer!  I read The Final Empire back in January of 2016, before I had created this blog.  Since I have recently finished the second book in the series, The Well of Ascension, and I NEED to talk about it formally, I thought I would put my review for The Final Empire up first.  This is just a quick review that I wrote for my Goodreads, so please forgive my unrefined reviewing skills.* 

It took me way too long to finally pick up this book. I think that even with the raving reviews, and the beautiful pictures on bookstagram of The Final Empire, I was still a little hesitant to read it because of a nerdy fantasy factor. (I have not yet publically embraced my love for fantasy I suppose.)  Anyways, I finished this book and I really, really liked it.  I feel like it reads in between a YA novel and lets say, Game of Thrones (on the fantasy/magic system). Continue reading “The Final Empire”

June OwlCrate Unboxing!

I swear, every month the latest OwlCrate box becomes my new favorite, and June’s Royalty box is no exception.  I also feel like they are shipping out the boxes earlier and earlier, and this makes me a happy bookworm, because I am not good at waiting.

If you have ever read my subscription box reviews, I assign a monetary value to the items that are included in international boxes, since it is harder to decide if the value of the box will outweigh the shipping costs.  However, in the case of my OwlCrate reviews,  I don’t feel that is necessary as the box is already reasonably priced and I find value in the experience of the unboxing and the bookstagram community.  So, without further ado, I present the June OwlCrate box: Royalty!

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Susan Dennard

Published January 2016

Witchlands #1


I recall reading someone else’s review of Truthwitch, that stated that this book was boring and they had to give up on it.  I just want to reach out and ask this unknown individual if by chance we read the same book?  Because: HOLY MOLY this book was awesome.

My sister and I had the opportunity to meet Susan Dennard at BookCon this year, and because we were still riding an autographing high from meeting Sarah J. Maas, we each promptly bought a copy of Truthwitch, and hopped in the autographing line.  Susan was so personable and funny, and even though we only got to talk to her for a minute, I knew that I was going to move Truthwitch up on my never ending TBR list because I liked her so much.

Before I tell you about how much I enjoyed this book, I do want to admit that I read and reread the summary probably eight times during the first quarter of the book.  Not a lot is explained in the first 100 pages, and Dennard just leaves it up to the readers to figure it out.  So whenever I was confused about something, I would go read the summary again.

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