Pokemon Go Book Tag!


Pokemon GO is literally my childhood dream come true.  Spending summers just hanging out on a Gameboy, looking at cute little fictional creatures and battling my siblings and cousins late into the night.  I love Pokemon GO (despite all of the issues with it), and I love reading, so obviously when I came across this tag on Aentee’s blog Read at Midnight, I knew I had to participate.

All credit for the creativity of this tag goes to Read at Midnightas well as all of these images, while Pokemon GO belongs to Nintendo and Niantic, please let’s not get too serious about this!Pokemon-Tag-01StartersWhen I was younger I would only play Pokemon Yellow because I didn’t like starting the game with anyone but Pikachu.  (Yes, I am very old, I am talking about first generation Pokemon, not all the new, fancy Pokemon that exist.)  But if I couldn’t have Pikachu, I always pick Bulbasaur.  I love the little radish on his back, and the noises that he makes give me life.

But hey!  Were not here to talk about only Pokemon, but about books AND Pokemon!  So the books that started my love for reading would have to be the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.  Of course, I read many books before I started on the expansive Redwall collection, but these were the first books that became an obsession.  Before Harry Potter, Brian Jaques occupied all of my time.  They hold a very nostalgic place in my heart.  God bless you Redwall, and your amazingly descriptive feasts.Pokemon-Tag02PikachuWhy is Pikachu so stinking cute?  I cannot get over him.  But like most people that I have seen answer this prompt, I am going to have to agree and say that Harry Potter will always be my iconic classic.  I have reread books before, but never to the extent that I have reread Harry Potter.  I think I have read The Sorcerers Stone 16-17 times?  I just love them so much, the story never gets old.  I think I will still be rereading these books 20 years from now. Pokemon-Tag-03-ZubatFirst of all, I just evolved my Zubat last night, so I wouldn’t say Zubats are EVERYWHERE.  In my area, its Pidgeys, and Rattatas. Everywhere.  I cant get away from them.  And the worst is when you throw 12 Pokeballs at a CP 303 Pidgey, wondering what your life has come to, and the little fucker runs away.

But I am going to go way off the reserve right here, and state that a book that is literally EVERYWHERE and I am kind of sick of, is Alice in Wonderland.  I explain my confusion about this book in this blog post here, and I hope that everyone can understand this book just didn’t work for me.  I don’t understand everyone’s adoration of it, and I don’t understand why there exist 678 million different editions.  Please, no more.Pokemon-Tag-04-DittoI cannot think of any ‘trope-y’ book off the top of my head right now, I’m panicking!  So instead, I am going to go way off the reserve here, and state a book that is literally EVERYWHERE, and in turn I am kind of sick of: Alice in Wonderland.  I explain my confusion about this book in this blog post here, and I hope that everyone can understand why this book just didn’t work for me.  I don’t understand everyone’s adoration of it, and I don’t understand why there exists 678 million different editions.  Please, no more.Pokemon-Tag-05-SnorlaxAh Snorlax, you lazy fart.  A big, gigantic, lazy, snuggly mess of a Pokemon.  I have two answers for this prompt though, both a series and a standalone.

I love fantasy, it is my favorite genre.  With that being said, there are a ton of fantasy series I haven’t gotten to yet, but would love to tackle one day, and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series is most certainly up on that list.  But come on, 14 books!?  That number is just too high of a book count to catch up on.

Now, if we are talking about a single, standalone novel that takes up a significant amount of bookshelf space, this one is easy: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.  Good lord, that book is enormous.  And while I have read a majority of fantastic reviews about it, and the bookstagram community is mostly in agreement that it is wonderful, I haven’t picked it up yet.  Maybe I need to do a month’s worth of bicep curls before I can heft this baby around.  Maybe?Pokemon-Tag06-GengarAgain, Gengar’s noises really complete me.  I love that he is supposed to be a creepy little guy, but instead I want to smother him with snuggles.  With this prompt, a book that kept me up at night, I assume it is supposed to mean a scary / creepy read that I lost sleep over.

BUT!  Joke is on you Aeente because I don’t read scary books.  I admit, and embrace, that I am too much of a weenie to read anything remotely creepy, so instead I will interpret this as a book that kept me up all night because I HAD to find out what happened.  And that book is most certainly Queen of Shadows by Queen Sarah J. Maas.  This woman is a master storyteller, I couldn’t stop reading.  If I wasn’t reading, I was thinking about reading.  That book consumed my every waking moment for days, and I am pretty sure I dreamed about it too.  Cannot confirm, but probably.Pokemon-Tag07-NidokingQueenI have a pretty main stream OTP right now, and that is obviously Feyre and Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury.  I swear on my life if Queen Sarah does ANYTHING to this couple in the upcoming book, I will absolutely lose my shit.  I will riot.  I will complain, and curse, and yell, and cry.  I will be the most unhappy book reader that there ever was.  They are just too perfect.  I love the strong relationship they have; based on MUTUAL respect, trust, and friendship.  And holy hell, they are sexy.

But a less mainstream OTP, and honestly, my heart bleeds for these two, is David and Megan from the Steelheart trilogy by Brandon Sanderson.  David is just a nerdy, adorable, little cinnamon roll, and Megan is the exact opposite.  Yet they work.  And I love them.  And I will physically fight you if you tell me otherwise.Pokemon-Tag08-RapidashThis is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I haven’t seen this little guy ANYWHERE!  It drives me crazy, I need Rapidash in my life, so I can name him chili powder or something lame like that.  (I name all my Pokemon after food and spices.  I am not ashamed.)

I don’t know if I have ever read any book/s faster than I read The Hunger Games.  I was in college, wasting time and putting off doing homework, so I downloaded the entire trilogy on my Nook hoping to put off responsibility for a few days.  Nope, I finished all three books in one day.  One day of not eating, sleeping, and solely reading.  I miss those days.Pokemon-Tag09-EeveeYou know, before Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out, I would have probably answered this question with HP.  But after that weird-ass book, can I skip this prompt?!  Unfortunately, I have learned that when a series is over, maybe that’s it.  It’s over, and we as fans should let it rest in peace.

But dang Eevee, why you so cute?  It’s like a combination of a dog and a fox I think.  I love this little guy, one of my favorite common Pokemon.  Get in my pokeball, Eevee. Pokemon-Tag14-MagikarpGuys, I am a little more than halfway to a fearsome Gyarados!  400 Magikarp candies, really Pokemon Go?  I hatched a Magikarp the other day from an egg and I have never been more excited to see that worthless karp floppin around on my screen.

With that little rant over, I have been a long time subscriber to OwlCrate, even though a majority of the books they have featured in their boxes haven’t worked for me.  However, in their February box, they sent out a book called The Love that Split the World, and I loved it.  It was one of those books that stayed in my heart and in my head for several days after finishing.  You know, the best kind of books.

Pokemon-Tag12-LegendaryIf only catching a legendary Pokemon were a thing in Pokemon GO.  Alas, it isn’t, and I assume Nintendo can add that to the long list of user suggestions I am sure they receive daily.  I am pretty sure though that if a Zapados popped out of my ultra ball and ran away, I would chuck my phone as far away as possible, so maybe Nintendo is really just protecting us.

With that being said, I cannot believe I still haven’t read The Lunar Chronicles.  This series is so hyped up, containing some of the most epic ‘ships to ever sail’, and I still haven’t read them.  They are so beautiful, I want to own them, I really do.  But I need to read some of the books I already own before I go invest in a whole other series. Pokemon-Tag15Mew-MewTwoI never understand the fascination or obsession with obtaining a Mew.  MewTwo is absolutely adorable, but Mew, not so much.

With that being said, which collector editions do I not want?!  Seriously, I have lists and lists of all the different collections I love to look at and hope that one day I stumble across a pile of money to fulfill this dream.  However, I suppose I will narrow it down for this post.  I am obsessed with the Penguin Cloth Bound Classics, as well as the Barnes & Noble Leather Bound Classics.  The B&N books are more easily accessible since there are always some in stock, but I wish they would come out with some new variety sometime soon.  These books are so beautiful, sturdy, and not terribly expensive.

The Penguin Cloth Bound Classics; well, those are mesmerizing.  I own ONE, and I need them all.  They are the perfect size (bigger than a mass market paperback, but not as large as a hardback book), the designs on the book correlate to the story, and the colors are mesmerizing.  I love these books, and while they are a little more expensive, one day I will own them all.Pokemon-Tag10-EggThe thrill of hatching a Poke Egg; your heart catches when your screen says, “oh?”  I always look to my boyfriend, cock my head to the side and say “OH?!” in the most quizzical and obnoxious way that I can.  And then out pops a Pidgey.

A sad narrative to be sure, but on to more happier topics!  I can say that I am probably most excited for Erin Summerill’s debut novel, Ever the Hunted, coming out this December.  I saw this book on Goodreads a couple months ago, and not only does it look beautiful, but it has a clever title and the synopsis is intriguing.Pokemon-Tag11-Lure-ModuleI live in an area where the Poke Stops that I most frequent are ALWAYS lured.  I think because it is summer time and there are a bunch of high schoolers walking around with nothing to do, so I will continue to reap the benefits of their boredom.

When it comes to auto-buy authors, it used to solely be JK Rowling, and any pseudonym she publishes under (Robert Galbraith). But then, Sarah J. Maas entered my life, and she could write a novella about a public bathroom and I would probably buy it.  And most recently, I DEVOURED the Red Rising Trilogy, and have decided that anything that Pierce Brown writes, I will read.  (Plus you get to look at his picture on all of his books, and that’s almost worth the book anyway.)

Pokemon-Tag13-Server-DownThe bane of us Pokemon player’s existence.  The absolute worst is when you plan a Pokemon date with your boyfriend, then you drive to a happening Pokemon place, open up the app, AND THE SERVER IS DOWN.  Then you check Twitter because, at this point you are desperate, and all you can find is a vague tweet about how Nintendo and Niantic are ‘AWARE of the problem’ and working on it.  This my friends, is the worst.

I have to say that fans of Samantha Shannon’s Bone Season series have been waiting for the third book, The Song Rising, for way too long.  And then I have recently learned Bloomsbury is revamping the series look, and the books are going to be released with new covers, and honestly…. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough. March 2017, lookin’ at you though.

If you have made it all the way to the bottom: a round of applause for you!  Also, I tag you to do this Pokemon Go challenge as well!  In addition, I also want to tag:

Sophie at book wish

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and finally Louise at Genie Reads

Happy Pokemon hunting my bookish friends!

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