Top 5 Tuesday

I have seen Top 5/10 Tuesday posts all over the book blogging universe since I first started my blog, but only recently did I figure out where the tag originally came from.  The prompt was started by Broke and Bookish back in 2010, where they provide weekly prompts for a post, so us less creative people don’t have to stress as much.  Honestly, this is AMAZING because now I can just refer to their never ending list of prompts, and never have to think again what sort of list I can put together on Tuesdays.  You can check out all of the upcoming prompts here.  Thanks guys!

With all that being said, today’s prompt is Rewind! Pick a prompt you may have missed in the past.  Well, conveniently I have missed all of them, so I am only going to go back two weeks and tell you all about my Top 5 (remember, I am lazy and un-creative, I cannot bear to do 10) books that are set outside of the US.  Let’s go!

All the Light We Cannot See – (France)

all the lightFor some reason lately, I have a soft spot for WWII novels, and this book did not disappoint.  In fact, it was one of the better books I have ever read.  The characters were so wonderfully portrayed, the flow of the story from two different times and three different characters, and the way everything came together…. I get goosebumps thinking about it.  This is such a beautiful book, and I highly, highly recommend it.

Memoirs of a Geisha – (Japan)

I read this book so long ago, like back in high school long ago, but I remember enjoying it immensely.  It is not only a book that I enjoyed the plot, but I learned SO much about a different culture, that it was almost shocking.  Honestly, anything I know today about the life of a Geisha, I can attribute solely to this book.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – (Sweden)


With that being said, my dad asked me a year ago what my favorite books ever were.  While this is an impossible question really, I told him that the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy was one of my favorites.  It is such a unique and intense story, I was gripped from the first chapter.  It was nothing like I have ever read before, and the entire trilogy was a roller coaster reading experience.  Any author that can manipulate the reader’s emotions so profoundly, well that’s impressive.

The Poisonwood Bible (Congo)

This is one of the rare books that was assigned to me as required reading in high school, that I have an interest in rereading as an adult. I can’t honestly say that I remember all of the plot points, but I know it is a story of a family that moves to the Congo to bring the Christian religion there.  The narration jumps around to all of the different family members, who all have a unique voice and perspective on their living situation.  It is one of those books that when you finish the last page, you can acknowledge that the book was a satisfying reading experience, even if it is a bit heavy at times.

Like Water for Chocolate (Mexico)


Another book I read long ago, Like Water for Chocolate is a weird combination of fantasy, romance, and historical fiction, but somehow it all works and flows together. The story is about a Mexican family, but mainly the youngest daughter, who has the ability to communicate her feelings through cooking.  The book is littered with recipes and home remedies, and is not a story that is easily forgotten.


So what books do you recommend that are set outside of the US?  It is always nice to look at your shelves and see some diversity.  Let me know in the comments, and have a wonderful day book friends!

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