Deer Tales Giveaway!

I recently hit 2000+ followers on my bookstagram, so I wanted to put together a specialimg_4329 giveaway to thank everyone!  I really love this community and speaking constantly about books is my passion.  I can honestly say that bookstagram and blogging have pulled me out of a depression I found myself slipping into earlier this year.

I have made so many legitimate friends through this outlet, as well as the joy it brings me to interact with fellow book lovers, dragons and worms every day.  So, really, this is just a thank you.

So enough with the mushy nonsense, here is what you can win!

  • A Sirius Black funko pop
  • A Sirius Black temperature changing coffee mug similar to this one
  • A “Wizard’s Brew’ candle from The Candle Chronicles (this smells so yummy!)
  • A copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child OR Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone Illustrated Edition OR a preorder of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition

Let me reiterate that you get to choose which book you want, you don’t get all three, that would be a little crazy don’t you think?!  I just wanted to make sure that if you had a copy of any one of these books, you could still have the opportunity and/or desire to enter.

To enter, head on over to my instagram – deertales but I will lay out the rules anyway:

⚡️gotta be following me! ON INSTAGRAM (I will check!) don’t follow to unfollow it’s rude, and you will be banned from future giveaways ⚡️

⚡️tag three friends below! (on the Instagram picture posted)⚡️


but if you want extra entries because this is such a bad ass, awesome giveaway, I feel you. *bro fist* this is what you can do:

⚡️ repost this picture and use the hashtag #deertalesgiveaway! (your account needs to be public or I won’t see it!) this will get you ONE extra entry, and you can do this ONCE ⚡️

⚡️ no giveaway or spam accounts ⚡️

⚡️follow my blog! the link is in my bio. there is a post on there describing this giveaway, just comment on it to let me know you followed, and you get THREE extra entries!!!! ⚡️


⚡️giveaway will run for three weeks and will close September 1 at 11:59 EST. (cause it’s back to hogwarts duh) winner will be chosen soon after. (please give me a few days to do all the counting. if you send me a DM asking about if a winner has been chosen i will respond with punching emojis. you’ve been warned.⚡️

⚡️ must be 18 or have your parents permission to send me your address! and this isn’t affiliated with Instagram in any way shape or form ⚡️


95 thoughts on “Deer Tales Giveaway!

  1. thank you so much for the opportunity 😍 just followed and congrats on 2k lovely 💕 (i’m @fictionandfae on ig)


  2. I followed your blog!
    My email address is ineffable_twaddle(at)
    IG: ineffable_twaddler
    Thanks and congratulations on 2k followers!


  3. Heartfelt congrats on reaching 2k! Here’s to many more! Thank you for this giveaway and I am following! Your blog is beautiful!!


  4. Started following your blog! And absolutely love your blog and instagram account. Both have beautiful content!


  5. Amazing giveaway opportunity! Your giveaway hasn’t finished yet and you already gained 3K followers! Congrats. I follow you 🙂


  6. Hi! Congratulations! I followed you on Instagram as @flourishbygabi
    (P.S. I’m not sure is this is a duplicate comment or what. I’m not sure if I was able to send the first one so I just had to make sure and do it again :D)


  7. Bah! Not sure if the first comment went through… Any way congrats and thanks for the giveaway! Just followed you blog and I’m @jolovestoread over on instagram. 😉


  8. Hiiii lovely! Love you love this blog love your insta love this giveaway *secret handshake* i followed, by the way, duh, because who wouldn’t follow this art piece of a blog?! ❤ thanks for the opportunity!


  9. Followed! And congrats on 2000, I hope to get there someday too. I read through some of your posts and I’m excited to see what you’ll put on here in the future! I also followed you on instagram as @captainofthebooks


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