July OwlCrate Unboxing!

img_4322Good Lord, I know, this is incredibly late.  I was going to write a paragraph long excuse as to why, but then I decided to just cut straight to the point and say that I am a unique and special snowflake, and didn’t want to post my unboxing when everyone else was.  One thing leads to another and two weeks pass and well, here we are.

The theme for the July box was “Good vs. Evil”.  This is one of the more ambitious and unique boxes that OwlCrate has put together, and in my personal opinion, it really paid off.  There were two separate boxes that were sent out, one themed good, and the other with evil type items.  No one knew what box they were receiving, which made the anticipation so much more fun.  Even with checking out all of the spoilers on Instagram I still didn’t know exactly WHAT I was going to get, which is always fun and stressful for people with anxiety… like myself.

So let me get right to it and present the July OwlCrate: Good vs. Evil!  I received the Good box, because I am good you know?  I was nervous about getting the Evil box, but both looked so great I don’t think it would have bothered me at all.

owlcrate unboxing july

The first thing featured in the box is a full size funko pop.  This is the item that OwlCrate gave us a sneak peek on, so everyone knew that one would be included, just not what they would receive. If you got the good box, you received either Luna from Harry Potter collection, or Dobby!  Naturally, because I have the worst luck in the world, I received Luna, but I already owned a Luna pop.  She is so cute though, just look at her strawberry earrings, and it was great because I was able to trade with my sister who received Dobby.  Spreading the OwlCrate love so that everyone is happy!

img_4420Probably my favorite item featured in this box was the decal / sticker created by Drop and Give me Nerdy with this beautiful Illuminae quote on it.  I loved this book, and I love this quote.  The colors are vibrant and it seems to be pretty high quality.  The only thing I have to figure out now is where I am going to put it…?

Next up was this magnetic Alice bookmark made by Jane’s Tiny Things.  To keep up with the good v. evil theme, those that received the evil box got a Queen of Hearts magnet instead.  While I am growing fond of magnetic bookmarks, I can’t honestly say that I love this design.  I think Alice (and the Queen of Hearts for that matter) look a teeny bit creepy.  Is it just me?  It has nothing to do with the quality, and the size is much bigger than other magnetic bookmarks subscribers have received in the past, there is just nothing really endearing about it.  I don’t know, let me know what your thoughts are, am I being crazy?owlcrate july bookmark

The last item featured is this awesome Millennium Falcon necklace that was created by the extremely talented people over at Vector Engraving.  This is such a bad ass necklace, I received a compliment on it after wearing it for 10 minutes.  It is unique and again, decent quality.  The only thing I don’t like about it is the chain, it’s a bit flimsy, but if I put the actual pendant on a better chain, I would wear this everyday.  I love that OwlCrate branched out and included something that wasn’t necessarily “bookish” because I am a huge Star Wars fan, and there is a definitive good vs. evil barrier in that fandom!

Finally, the most important item in the box, because this is a book box!  I was so excited to see that Victoria Schwab’s new novel, This Savage Song was the featured book of the img_4328month!  This is my first Schwab novel, and I have actually already finished the book and written a review, which you can check out here.  Along with the book, we received a letter from the author, as well as a signed book plate, to make everything feel even more special.  Speaking of, what do you all do with signed book plates? I stick mine in the book; I will lose it other wise.  Is that what you’re supposed to do?!

And that’s a wrap my friends.  At least I got this review posted before the August box ships!  The theme for August is “Fast Times at YA High” which will feature a contemporary YA romance (probably a much needed read after all the fantasy I have been devouring lately), as well as an item inspired by Eleanor & Park!  Super excited for this box, and let’s see if OwlCrate can knock it out of the park again!


3 thoughts on “July OwlCrate Unboxing!

  1. I agree with you Alice is a tad creepy looking, it was actually the first thing I had noticed ! Glad your sister traded her Dobby with you ❤


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