Top 5 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday book people!  I really want to get better at posting on a regular schedule, but as I have mentioned before, running a blog is hard.  Like, way harder than I initially thought it would be.  I know there are some people out there that can sit down in front of a computer and just type, type, type, and all of their thoughts flow coherently out onto the screen with minimal effort, but I am just not one of them.  So, while I work my boring 9-5 Monday-Friday desk job, my posting will be erratic, and I may take several days to type up one single review.  But I can promise you one thing: the posts that I take my sweet-ass time on, you’re going to enjoy.  😉

Anyways, I get sappy sometimes and I’m sorry.  So let’s change pace and do a fun Top 5 (supposed to be 10 but I am lazy) Tuesday!  Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Broke and Bookish where book bloggers are provided with a prompt so they can make LISTS of books in a specific category.  Good lord do I love lists, which is why I love this weekly meme oh so much.  For today we are tasked with putting together our top 5/10 books with ‘X’ setting, as in, fill in the blank here.  Since I recently tore my own heart out reading the Red Rising trilogy, I thought it would be fun to explore my Top 5 books with an OUTER SPACE setting.  OH YES, BLAST OFF! LET’S DO THIS.

The Martian

the martianLet me start this by saying that I freaking adored this book.  It was funny, sad, smart, and thrilling all at once.  The movie was also fantastic, but the audio book…. guys the audio book was phenomenal.  Mark Watney is the perfect protagonist.   His diary type log entries, which make up a majority of the book’s layout, were scientifically intimidating, but make you connect with him on a “what the hell would I do in this type of scenario” way.  The plot is nerve wracking, addicting, and honestly I couldn’t stop listening.  After I finished the audio version, I made sure to grab the hardcover too, because damn, I love this book.

The Expanse Series

Has anyone read this before?  I listened to the first book on audible, and while I enjoyed it, I have to admit that it was incredibly long.  But as far as an epic outer space adventure goes, I think you would be hard-pressed to find another series with a more expansive space setting than this one.  It is described as a space opera, and from listening to the first book, I can assure you this is an accurate description.  There are space battles, space carriers blown apart, people sucked into the vacuum void, monsters, anti-gravity sex scenes, and of course the usual betrayal, guilt and heroism sprinkled throughout.  The Expanse books are most certainly an adventure I will get back to, whenever I have a spare three years or so though…

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

sci fi flat layThis is such a bizarre book, but it is hard to think “hmm what is a decent book set in space” without bringing to the forefront of your mind: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I have really mixed feelings about this book because it’s ridiculousness overwhelmed me, but I also tried to read all five stories back to back.  When I think about book 1 as its own entity, I remember that I did laugh out loud on several occasions, as all the characters are so odd!  Oh,and also the narration is unlike anything I have ever read.  The humor is there, I can promise you that, but you may have to search for a plot.  Also, let me know if you find one.


illuminaeNot only was Illuminae the most unique book I read this year, but it is up there in my all time favorites.  The whole book is an experience, I felt at times that I really was sifting through a huge dossier.  That unique experience is just heightened by the epic space setting.  Ships being blown up, nuclear space warfare, lethal viruses, evil computers, a corrupt corporation, intense subterfuge hacking AND a dash of romance?!  Seriously, this book is so awesome and I am eagerly anticipating the release of Gemina.

Red Rising Trilogy

Photo Jul 17, 13 42 30Did I save the best for last?  It’s a possibility  The most wonderful aspect of this trilogy is not the absolutely top-notch world building, it isn’t the fantastic characters, or the distinct writing style, but rather it is the way these books make you feel.  And what I mean specifically, is ALL the feels.  Pierce Brown is an absolute manipulator in reader feelings.  He would crush my hopes and dreams for a character with simple key strokes, only to make me forget about them as I raised another character to greatness.  The non-stop heart pounding action that this series brings to the table is like nothing I have read in recent years.  You can read my reviews of Red Rising and Golden Son somewhere in the depths of this blog, and maybe one day I will pull myself together enough to type up a semi-coherent review of Morning Star.  We all dream big eh?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday

  1. I’ll have to read Red Rising! I’ve been on the fence about it but you’ve definitely made me want to read it!

    Btw it’s @hollieohs_bookreviews from Instagram 🙂 I just started a blog and I’d appreciate it so much if you took a look at it and followed ❤


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