September Bookstagram Photo Challenge!

Hi everyone! I am super excited to share with you a September bookstagram photo challenge that my wonderful friend Casey (@caseyrosereads) and I put together!

I am going to provide some descriptions for each day’s challenge, especially for those that are not self explanatory. But please feel free to shoot me a comment here or on my Instagram page if you have any more questions!

And lastly, please dont feel pressured to participate every single day!  This is supposed to be fun, so have fun people!  Casey and I will be featuring our favorite pics on our page every week, maybe more often even 😉

September 1st: Back to Hogwarts!

That magical day when the summer is officially over because Harry and co. are headed back to Hogwarts.  Show off your house colors because it’s time to go back to school!

September 2nd: Sequel Appreciation

Sometimes the second book in a series falls a little short of our expectations.  Today, show off your favorite sequels instead!

cd5c15e57677efe65c348b13ad212867September 3rd: Bouquet of Pencils

Casey: “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.” I adore this quote and the image of a bouquet of pencils. Include one in your pic!

September 4th: Bookish Breakfast

Did you know September is National Better Breakfast Month? Yeah, us neither.  But either way, put together a fantastic bookish breakfast to celebrate!

September 5th: Red, White, or You

Today is Labor Day in the United States, so celebrate with some red, white, and blue, or share your workspace, we’re especially curious about you writers.

September 6th: Sarah J. Maas Day!

Both Casey and I are attending Sarah J Maas book signing events this week, which means we have to wait to get our copies of Empire of Storms, *insert crying emoji here* but we want to celebrate the genius joy of her work on this day!

706ef8a9da31305a1ce16e4fc5a9cc54September 7th: Book & Candle

Casey: Hi, I’m Casey and I have a candle buying problem. More so in the fall when it’s full of my favorite scents like apple and cinnamon. Show off your favorite candlelight reads.

September 8th: International Literacy Day

Today is a holiday initiated by the UN in order to celebrate global literacy and promote literacy growth everywhere. Either give a shout-out to a parent or teacher who helped you become the reader you are today, donate to a literacy charity like The Book Bus, or take some time to read to someone today.

September 9th: Book & Teddy-bear

Today is National Teddy Bear Day, so what better way to celebrate than to feature your favorite stuffed friend in a bookstagram pic?

September 10th: Sharing is Caring

Sydney: Do you share a name (first or last) with an author?  I know I have picked up books specifically because an author and I shared the same name, because sharing IS caring!

September 11th: Classic Love



Set down all those new release books that get all the bookstagram attention, and give the classic books some love!

September 12th: Read Harder

Casey: Summer has passed and while I’m one for enjoying a frothy “beach read” whenever the mood strikes, I need to channel my AP English years and select something meatier.

September 13th: Tuesday Dudesday

Sydney: I just want to say in advance, that I am sorry for the ridiculousness of this prompt, the boyfriend wanted to put in his two cents… but we do always pay tribute to our favorite badass female characters, so today show off your favorite dude characters, both good and bad

September 14th: Autumn Nature

Decorate those books with leaves, acorns, cinnamon sticks, pumpkins, whatever speaks to you.

September 15th: Bookstagram DIY

We all do it: creating and making props specifically for a bookstagram pic.  Highlight your hard work today by making the props, the star of the photo


local coffee

September 16th: Local Coffee & Book


Starbucks gets a lot of attention this season, but let’s give some love to our local coffee shops and cafes. Take a book pic at the cafe, or share your local to-go cup or mug with your book.

September 17th: Create a Word

Casey: I love this book: click here for example! And being the word-nerd that I am, I long to have a single word that describes the feeling of selecting your next read. Make up a word that you think describes that moment of choosing your next book.

September 18th: Autumn Poetry

There are many beautiful poems about fall, share your favorite or use this as an opportunity to discover a new poem or poet.

September 19th: Book & Scarf

Cooler weather reached you yet? Better add an extra layer of awesome. Extra awesome points for bookish scarves.

September 20th: Second Chance Books

Have you ever picked up a book, only to put it down a few chapters in because you just weren’t feeling it?  And then picking it up again later on to discover that the book is in fact the greatest thing since sliced bread? Today, show us those books

September 21st: Spread the Book Love

Today is International Day of Peace, so let’s celebrate by spreading some book love!  Feature an underrated author, book, or a bookstagrammer.

September 22nd: Autumn Colors

In the northern hemisphere we’re officially transitioning into Fall, show off your oranges, reds, and golds.

September 23: Old Books

Yellowed pages, cracked spines, books that are fraying and falling apart: show us your old books!

September 24th: Cozy Weekend 



It’s finally the weekend! Show us what books make you want to stay cozy for two days straight.

September 25th: National Comic Book Day

Casey: Ye Olde internet hasn’t been able to pin down the origins of this day for me, but let’s celebrate anyway. Share you favorite comic books or graphic novels. If you’ve never read one let today inspire you to pick one up. (Lumberjanes was my gateway drug to more comics if you’re looking for place to start)

September 26th: Book & Cider

Casey: I love apple cider, cold or hot. I also love hard cider. Feature either of those if you have access to them, otherwise feel free to use tea or even an apple in your pic.

September 27th: Witchy Reads

These darker, cooler nights bring a feel of magic to the air, share your favorite witch-centric books.

September 28th: Cookbook or Cooking Character

Fall always conjures the smell of apple cider doughnuts and caramel cake. Share a favorite cookbook, baking how-to, or if you’re not the cooking/baking type, share a character who is.

September 29th: Favorite September Publication

This year, or any year past.

September 30th: Best Read of the Month

So often we recap all that we read in the past month, but we want you to select your favorite from all your reads in these past 29 days.


And that’s the whole month!  Cannot wait to see what you come up with my book friends!







4 thoughts on “September Bookstagram Photo Challenge!

  1. Great challenge! I’m horrible at participating in challenges, but there are definitely a few I want to try in this one 🙂


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