The Song Rising Prologue!

Good morning everyone!  I write to you today with such exciting news, it took all my will power and more to not spoil this sooner.  Actually, if it wasn’t for me telling everyone BUT my online friends, I probably would have spontaneously combusted out of excitement and you would never have gotten he news delivered.

Bone-Season-Advocate_button200x200REV4a (1)But anyways, last Thursday I was chosen to be a Bone Season Advocate!  So, me, little Ole @deertales, am now an advocate for one of the most epic and intriguing fantasy series of recent years.  I am counted among huge bloggers, Twitter accounts and other large Instagram accounts, and I am struggling to put my happiness into coherent words.  This is such a fantastic series I am beyond flattered that I get to help spread the word and excitement for the next book’s release: The Song Rising, March 7th, 2017.

If you are unfamiliar with The Bone Season series, have no fear my friends!  I will be hosting a read-a-long for the first two books closer to the release of The Song Rising, but to whet your taste buds, click HERE to be directed to The Bone Season‘s Goodreads page, and HERE for the sequel’s page, The Mime Order.

So, a big round of applause to my boyfriend for listening to me explain 7 different ways how amazing this is, my sister who was excited for me even though she had no idea what i was talking about, and of course, my dogs, who just have to listen to my jabber and are not allowed to be bored.

And to top of this post with even more exciting news:

As an advocate, I have exclusive access to the prologue for The Song Rising, which I am going to share with you now!  Prepare your peepers for awesomeness, then let’s discuss!  Also, because I did make my boyfriend suffer through DAYS of Bone Season talk, he has decided to put in his two cents on the prologue too.  All of his comments will be in ORANGE.  He has not read the first two books, and I can promise you he has absolutely no idea what is going on, which will be painfully obvious.  But, please keep in mind that the prologue for The Song Rising picks up right after the ending of The Mime Order, so if you haven’t read the first two books, turn away now: SPOILERS AHEAD!

song rising 1

Okay then, so when they say The Song Rising picks up right where The Mime Order ends, they literally mean the next minute.  “Scheming worm” sounds just about perfect right now.

Lady “swooner” with a badass cane…I like this guy…

Oh my God, my boyfriend thinks Jaxon is a swooner with his fancy clothes and cane.

song rising 2

Ugh, Jaxon is such a snake. Ew.

Maybe I shouldn’t like this guy…can’t really help it though…”Join me and swoon OR EMBRACE YOUR DOOM…”


song rising 3

Dang guys, this book is already starting off with a bang right?  The writing is fantastic, I am foreseeing a night of binge reading once I finally have the completed copy in my hands!

Ok, “Lady Swooner” might not be a guy I should like…but dat cane tho…

(he means Jaxon I assume)

It’s obvious that Lady Swooner and Ms. Badass Protagonist have a history…did they do it? ….I bet they did… 


CONFUCKINGFIRMED – LADY SWOONER = BAD GUY….HOW COULD HE _____?! **insert action of betrayal here**…

(Funny how reading a prologue ruins two books worth of plot, HEHE)

song rising 4

WOW.  So we start off the book knowing Jaxon was the traitor all along?!  How is this going to propel Paige forward throughout this book?  And Warden?  I am so pumped to see where this goes.  Oh, and here is Nick’s thoughts as well:

My boy: Lady Swooner, 20 years a player, and now everyone knows his game…#GETREKTNERDS #FINALLYDAWNEDONTHEPAWNED #SWOONED4LIFE #SWOONORDOOM

….apparently his name is Jaxon…WITH AN X BC HE’S A BOSS

song rising picAlso: If you want to pre-order The Song Rising, there are TONS of options!  As you can see the series got some new fancy covers, which will be released in February.  But in the meantime, you can pre-order the UK version from Bloomsbury or Book Depository, or from the US via AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-Million, or Book Depository.

ANNNNND, if that wasn’t already exciting enough, Bloomsbury is also releasing a special collectors edition to match the original two books!  All collectors editions HAVE to be pre-ordered, and will come signed by Samantha Shannon!  You can purchase those via Bloomsbury, Amazon, and  Book Depository that I know of right now.  There will only be a limited number of these books too: fair warning!

Who else is stoked for March 2017?  song rising specialIt cannot come soon enough really.  Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this epic prologue!  And of course, if you have any opinions on Nicholas weighing in with his own creative thoughts.

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