August OwlCrate Unboxing!

I cannot believe how fast my August OwlCrate got here this month!  I got my shipping notification while I was at the gym on a Tuesday night, and then Thursday at lunch I was retrieving it from the apartment rental office… IT WAS LIKE MAGIC GUYS.
 And you know what else is like magic?  Me posting this unboxing on time! Unlike my serious procrastination on the July Unboxing.  (Also, maybe I only received one subscription box this month so there was no reason to delay…..maybe.) August’s theme was “Fast Times at YA High” which I thought was a really cute take and turn on the “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” which good god, a ton of people probably didn’t even catch because we’re old.

When I heard what the theme was, honestly, I wasn’t initially excited.  I do love OwlCrate, and the way that they put together their boxes, but romance contemporaries aren’t really my cup of tea.  Especially because the older I get, the more I really, really dislike reading about immature teenagers and high school settings.  Anyways, enough reminding me how ancient I am, and let’s get to the exciting stuff, the unboxing!

img_4510This box as a whole is so colorful and cute!  The first thing that I pulled out was the exclusive Eleanor & Park necklace made by OwlCrate themselves.  This is actually one of my favorite pieces of jewelry that I have received from this subscription, simply because I like longer pieces of jewelry.  The chain on this necklace is much longer than previous pieces we have received.  It falls past my chest and sits on my upper stomach area and I love it.  I also love that the old school tape is an extra pendant.  It really makes me feel nostalgic about that awesome book, thinking of a reread now!  The only thing I think needs to be noted is that this doesn’t really look like a gender neutral box.  Are there any guys that subscribe to OwlCrate?  I am genuinely curious what you do with the jewelry that is randomly included…

img_4512In early August, OwlCrate announced that each box would have an exclusive piece of art created by Susanne Draws, and this was the point that I got excited about the theme.  I love Susanne’s work, I have quietly stalked her Instagram for months, long before I even had a bookstagram.  I was hoping it would be a piece inspired by Harry Potter, and was not disappointed! This print is so beautiful, and it’s actually a great quality.  It is printed on this thick hard stock, and would look lovely framed up.  I think even non-HP fans can appreciate this piece, it’s so well made and fun to look at, and how could you not love the Golden Trio?

img_4508I know this sounds silly but the two little buttons included in the box, created by Taryn Draws, just may be my favorites this month.  Chapter Raptor?!  Are you kidding me?!  This is me, and I will now start referring to myself as such.  What do you all do with your buttons?  I need to find a perfect place to display them and not lose them.

The last few items were paper related: an adult coloring book, and a mini composition book.  Coloring is fun and a huge trend that I am a fan of, and the coloring book is actually A LOT bigger than I would have thought.  It is created by Blue Star Coloring, and supposedly is exclusive to OwlCrate.  I don’t think that necessarily means the designs, but it is probably a condensed version of one of their
other products, but it is nice to have a coloring book that is semi-portable; all of my other ones are enormous.

img_4513I think a lot of subscription boxes include some version of a little notebook, but I will never get tired of them.  Seriously, I own about 7 different mini-notebooks, that I SWEAR I will use for one thing or another, but usually they turn into bookstagram props.  Which is fine by me.  This notebook has a cute design on the cover, and little doodles on the inside flap, reminiscent of what you would draw absent-mindedly in physics class in high school when you’re not paying attention.

Finally, the book included in the August month was P.S. I Like You, by Kasie West.  It is a contemporary romance that takes place in a high school setting, and is described as funny and sweet.  Per usual, we also received a letter from the author where she explains briefly her inspiration for the novel, as well as a signed book-plate sticker.  It is official, I am now sticking these in the book.

So, in conclusion, I am not a huge fan of the contemporary genre, especially contemporary high school romance, but the book is just over 300 pages.  Not only is it relatively short, but it seems like it would be a fast read.  Perhaps I will make an exception and put down my usual fantasy/sci-fi books to quickly read this one; especially because OMG the spine is so cute! img_4511

Who else received the August OwlCrate?  Did you enjoy all the items included? Let me know in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “August OwlCrate Unboxing!

  1. Looks like a good OwlCrate box this month! I skipped this month because I don’t really read much contemporary either, but I’m looking forward to next month’s box!


  2. I also got the August owlcrate – my first owlcrate/subscription box ever and it did not disappoint! My favourite thing from the box is the art print and the Hogwarts is my home button (I put the buttons on my uni bag, by the way! I’m very proud that I get to display them, haha!). The book was a quick and cute read too. But one question – the signed book plate is A STICKER? I had no idea up until I read this post, haha!

    I just discovered your blog & I love your posts, by the way (hence why you might see a lot of views on old post HAHA)! The photos are all so lovely, too! 🙂


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