Top 5 Tuesday

Happy Tuesday book people!  I really want to get better at posting on a regular schedule, but as I have mentioned before, running a blog is hard.  Like, way harder than I initially thought it would be.  I know there are some people out there that can sit down in front of a computer and just type, type, type, and all of their thoughts flow coherently out onto the screen with minimal effort, but I am just not one of them.  So, while I work my boring 9-5 Monday-Friday desk job, my posting will be erratic, and I may take several days to type up one single review.  But I can promise you one thing: the posts that I take my sweet-ass time on, you’re going to enjoy.  😉

Anyways, I get sappy sometimes and I’m sorry.  So let’s change pace and do a fun Top 5 (supposed to be 10 but I am lazy) Tuesday!  Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Broke and Bookish where book bloggers are provided with a prompt so they can make LISTS of books in a specific category.  Good lord do I love lists, which is why I love this weekly meme oh so much.  For today we are tasked with putting together our top 5/10 books with ‘X’ setting, as in, fill in the blank here.  Since I recently tore my own heart out reading the Red Rising trilogy, I thought it would be fun to explore my Top 5 books with an OUTER SPACE setting.  OH YES, BLAST OFF! LET’S DO THIS.

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July OwlCrate Unboxing!

img_4322Good Lord, I know, this is incredibly late.  I was going to write a paragraph long excuse as to why, but then I decided to just cut straight to the point and say that I am a unique and special snowflake, and didn’t want to post my unboxing when everyone else was.  One thing leads to another and two weeks pass and well, here we are.

The theme for the July box was “Good vs. Evil”.  This is one of the more ambitious and unique boxes that OwlCrate has put together, and in my personal opinion, it really paid off.  There were two separate boxes that were sent out, one themed good, and the other with evil type items.  No one knew what box they were receiving, which made the anticipation so much more fun.  Even with checking out all of the spoilers on Instagram I still didn’t know exactly WHAT I was going to get, which is always fun and stressful for people with anxiety… like myself.

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Deer Tales Giveaway!

I recently hit 2000+ followers on my bookstagram, so I wanted to put together a specialimg_4329 giveaway to thank everyone!  I really love this community and speaking constantly about books is my passion.  I can honestly say that bookstagram and blogging have pulled me out of a depression I found myself slipping into earlier this year.

I have made so many legitimate friends through this outlet, as well as the joy it brings me to interact with fellow book lovers, dragons and worms every day.  So, really, this is just a thank you.

So enough with the mushy nonsense, here is what you can win!

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This Savage Song

Victoria Schwab

Published July 2016

Monsters of Verity #1

23299512I was extremely excited to receive This Savage Song in the July OwlCrate box!  I had seen some really great reviews about the book already floating around on Goodreads, and thought this would be a perfect book to get me out of my book subscription box slump.  You see, I have a horrible pattern of opening up my book sub boxes, squealing and fangirling, taking pictures of my brand new shiny things, and then throwing the featured book in my endless TBR pile and not actually reading it.  Whoops.

So, I have decided to break the cycle.  I picked up This Savage Song last week (which is also my first Victoria Schwab book, forgive me!),  and other than a few minor things, I really enjoyed it!

I liked it even more when I discovered this is actually a duology, I have a weird and unexplainable soft spot for a two book series.

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Top 5 Tuesday

I have seen Top 5/10 Tuesday posts all over the book blogging universe since I first started my blog, but only recently did I figure out where the tag originally came from.  The prompt was started by Broke and Bookish back in 2010, where they provide weekly prompts for a post, so us less creative people don’t have to stress as much.  Honestly, this is AMAZING because now I can just refer to their never ending list of prompts, and never have to think again what sort of list I can put together on Tuesdays.  You can check out all of the upcoming prompts here.  Thanks guys!

With all that being said, today’s prompt is Rewind! Pick a prompt you may have missed in the past.  Well, conveniently I have missed all of them, so I am only going to go back two weeks and tell you all about my Top 5 (remember, I am lazy and un-creative, I cannot bear to do 10) books that are set outside of the US.  Let’s go!

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Pokemon Go Book Tag!


Pokemon GO is literally my childhood dream come true.  Spending summers just hanging out on a Gameboy, looking at cute little fictional creatures and battling my siblings and cousins late into the night.  I love Pokemon GO (despite all of the issues with it), and I love reading, so obviously when I came across this tag on Aentee’s blog Read at Midnight, I knew I had to participate.

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July Haul and Wrap Up!

A combo post?! *GASP* But you see, I have my reasons, which I will list here.

  1. I didn’t haul an enormous amount of books like I did last month, so it wasn’t deserving of its own post.
  2. I am incredible at the art of procrastination, and it seems that if I make two separate posts, my July Wrap Up won’t be posted until September 15th or something ridiculous like that.
  3. It’s my blog and I can do what I want.

img_3974I told my boyfriend on June 30th, that I didn’t want to buy more than 5 books in July.  Because, well, I have run out of bookshelf space and am now stacking books underneath the window on my side of the bed.  He laughed at me, said there was NO way I was only going to be able to buy 5 books.  And so we started negotiating.  He said any book that came in a subscription box counted.  I countered with a “no way José, I’m not choosing the book, and book boxes are about the experience anyway”.  Anyways, to summarize a two-week ongoing argument: he won.

So here is my meager July Haul, which I am actually kind of proud of!  Not pictured is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, because I took this picture before I went to the midnight party naturally.  Yes, I am aware it is more than 5 books, but not much more!  I think I was pretty well-behaved with book buying.

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