Top 5 Tuesday

Good Morning everyone!  I haven’t participated in a Top 5/10 Tuesday in a few weeks, and thought it would be a great idea this Tuesday since the topic is something I feel strongly about in the book world!

For those of you that are unaware, Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by  The Broke & The Bookish, where book bloggers get to highlight their top 10 choices for the topic that the lovely people at B&B choose for the week.  Yes, the meme is supposed to be Top 10, and yes, I only do 5.  I find that since I am relatively new to book blogging and bookstagramming, I can get more quality into my Top Tuesday posts with only five in my list, and have resolved to grow my lists as I grow my blog.

So, with all of that nonsense out-of-the-way, the prompt for today’s post is: Audio Freebie!  I love audio books, and I feel like they do not get as much credit as they deserve.  Mostly I think people are intimidated by audio books, especially if they are strong visual learners.  Well fear not my friends.  I am coming to you today with 5 reasons why you should give audio books a try, even if you think they are just not for you.

1. The Harry Potter Books

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter books, butnot yet a fan of audio, I recommend starting here.  It is such a wonderful experience to have some of your old favorites told to you; giving voices to characters you have always had in your head, or maybe viewing  place differently when described to you rather than reading it yourself.  Obviously these books are long, but they are so much fun to revisit in a different setting.   I used to listen to the HP audio back in high school on cassette tapes… ahhh the good old days.


2. Coloring and/or Cleaning While Listening

One of the biggest perks about audio books is being able to do other things while you are listening.  Personally, my favorite thing to do is zone out in a coloring book while I have a book on in the background, or clean my apartment with a side of adventure.  If you are cleaning, listening to a thriller makes it much more exciting, and time goes by a lot faster.  I like coloring while listening though, because I have so many books on my TBR I feel guilty about taking time out to color rather than read.  Obviously, this is a win-win combination, just be careful you don’t get too caught up in the sounds of magic and fantasy and accidentally go outside the lines!

3. Ray Porter ANYTHINGimg_5107

When you have been listening to audio books long enough, you will start to have a
preference for narrators.  For both my dad and myself, that preference isn’t male/female, British/American…no, rather it is a singular person.  And that person is Ray “the man” Porter.  There is something about his voice that is addicting.  He has a lot of really distinct accents for different characters, and his female voices are not exaggerated, but believable.  We have gotten to the point where we download and buy anything that says: Narrated by Ray Porter.  And by we, I mean my dad.  And then I piggy back off his audible and reap all of the Ray Porter benefits.  Yay for me!

4. The Martian

The Martian is overall an amazing book.  I have read it, listened to it, and watched the movie, and honestly I couldn’t tell you which one was my favorite.  When I was listening to it on Audible, i finished the book in four days, i was completely obsessed.  i would find reasons to take drives, i would sit in the car for 30 minutes after i got home to finish a chapter, and when i got desperate enough, i sat on the floor of my room, staring at the wall, and finished the last two hours.  (As serial-killer-esque as that sounded, I promise I am actually normal).  The audio book also received several nominations and awards: the 2015 Audio Award Winner in Science Fiction, a 2015  Audio Award finalist for Solo Male Narration, and a 2014 Voice Arts Awards finalist in Science Fiction.  So, yes, if you haven’t read or listened to this book yet, do yourself a favor and hop on that. the-martian-first-line

5. The Sense of Multitasking

Finally, my absolute favorite part of being an avid audio book listener, is the sense of accomplishment for tackling multiple books at once. With a steep Goodreads reading goal, audio books make it much more attainable.  I can listen to a book while I drive or take my dogs for a walk, and then I can read a book when I lay in bed before I go to sleep.  I understand how some people cannot read multiple books at once, but for me it is easier to distinguish story-lines when one is in my ear and one is by my eyes.

Anyways, anyone that has followed my blog for some time knows how much I advocate for audio books, so I am a curious what your stance on them are?  Do you have any specific genres you prefer to listen to, or maybe a favorite narrator?  Weigh in!

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