October Bookstagram Photo Challenge!

I am so, so, SO excited to announce that  my wonderful friends Sabrina (@booksandcloudydays), Casey (@caseyrosereads) and myself have teamed up to bring you another super fun photo challenge for October!

We wanted to go with a spooky, scary vibe, and all of the posts are detailed below for you if you have any questions!  If you need further explanation, do not hesitate to contact any of us for help, we would be happy to answer any questions at all!

I am so looking forward to this and would be so delighted if you all joined us!  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #hauntedtales16 so we can see all your amazing spookiness!!!

October 1st: International Coffee Day

coffee = life

Celebrate coffee from around the world, or show off something special from your area! Not a coffee drinker, how about some International Tea?

October 2nd: Most Unusual

What’s the most unusual book you own?

October 3rd: Autumn Colors

Show off those red, orange, yellow and gold books.

October 4th: Recreate Your First Pic

Looking back at first bookstagram pics can be a little scary, how about a do-over? 

not my most original pic, but it was my first

October 5th: Fancy Font

Feature your favorite book fonts, whether they’re on the cover or inside the actual book. Victorian ghosts love this kind of thing.

October 6th: Mad Hatter Day

Have a mad tea party and show off those Lewis Carroll books! 

October 7th: Girl On The Train

Loved the book? Celebrate the movie premier with a sinister book pic! Hated the book?  Show us which book you would rather be made into a film.

October 8th: Mismatched Series

What’s scarier than that bump in the night? Owning books in a series that don’t match!

October 9th: Book On The Town

We’re serious when we talk about loving to get to know our fellow bookstagrammers. Take a book out on the town and show us a little bit of your hometown.

October 10th: Better Than Columbus

Many cities have already done away with the garbage holiday that is Columbus Day. We’d like to jump on board: What author or book character should have their own national holiday?

direwolves count!

October 11th: Non-Human Creature

House elves? Centaurs? A Faun found near a snowy lamppost? Show us your favorite non-human creature.

October 12th: Apple Appreciation

Pumpkins shouldn’t get all the attention, apples are awesome too!

October 13th: Shadows

Incorporate *gasp* shadows into your pic today.

October 14th: Longest Read

You know what’s terrifying? Facing a 1400 page read, that’s what.

October 15th: Magical Collection

Show us your most magical books.

photo cred: @annerose2602

October 16th: Autumn Prints

Colder weather calls for tartan scarves and plaid flannels. Show off your book with some cozy fabric.

October 17th: Outside Your Comfort Zone

It can be scary to step outside of your comfort zone but try something new. Whether it’s a genre you don’t normally read, or a new way to set up your photos.

October 18th: Required Reading

Maybe this is a book you had to read for school, or maybe it’s the book you push on everyone you know!

October 19th: Old School Frights

Dust off those Goosebumps books, or those Christopher Pike tales. Don’t own one anymore? Let this be an excuse to pick up an old favorite.

October 20th: Trick or Treat!

Raise your hand if you start buying Halloween candy early! Time for some book and candy pics.


October 21st: Intense Read

Ever read a book that makes you literally jump, or glance around the room in concern? We’re dying to see that book.

October 22nd: Potions Class

Maybe you’re channeling Snape today, or the witches from Macbeth? Or maybe you’re brewing up some wicked sangria today.

October 23rd: Happy Birthday M.C.!

Michael Crichton would have been 74 today so, show off his books! Not a Crichton fan? What sci-fi read do you recommend?

October 24th: Vile Villains

Who are the best (or worst) literary villains? Bonus points if like all Disney villains you call every a “fool” today.

October 25th: Hogwarts Halloween

Floating candles? Butterbeer or pumpkin juice? Nearly headless ghosts? Give us your best HP Halloween vibes.

October 26th: Spooky Bookbc445b9d-816c-48fd-b372-b021ad6f854f

We’re looking for ghosts, monsters, spine-tingling reads today.

October 27th: Hocus Pocus

We can all agree this is a Halloween classic, right? So much so that Appraising Pages did a special Bookish Box this month. Show off your goodies, or pick a book a Sanderson sister might read.

October 28th: National Chocolate Day

Thank you, oh great arbitrary holidaymakers, for blessing us with this day. Pair your favorite chocolate item with your current read or chocolate-inspired book.

missing black books but you get the point 🙂

October 29th: Favorite Witch

There are so many great books with witchy
characters, show off your favorite!

October 30th: Orange & Black Books

This one is pretty shelf-explanatory (book puns forever!)

October 31st: Halloween!

Woohoo! It’s here! Let’s see books and pumpkins!

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