September Wrap Up!

Considering how much Empire of Storms destroyed my life, I had a really good reading month in September!  I read six books, and listened to one, which is above average for me.  I think after I finished EoS, I just kept grabbing books, trying to devour everything in sight to erase/drown my feelings in.  (For the record, this certainly increased my reading count in September, but was not successful in erasing the feelings).

I even managed to review 5 of the 6 books I read, so the full posts are linked if you are interested!

img_4846The Forgetting

I really enjoyed this book!  It actually took me surprise how much I liked it.  It was a dystopian sci-fi story with an awesome romance, and I highly recommend!  I actually read an ARC, but I think I may need to get myself the hardback…


Countryside is a middle grade read that was sent to me by the author J.T. Cope IV in exchange for a review.  I enjoyed parts of the book, and others not so much, so be on the lookout for my full review sometime later this week!

img_5086The Invoice

This was a bizarre little short story that I received from Blogging for Books.  I can’t say that I liked it, but I also didn’t NOT like it.  I know, so eloquent in expressing myself.  Check out the full review for more nonsensical thoughts.

The Graces

Meh.  This book.  I was suckered in by the cover, but ultimately let down by the content.  If you like really slow burn novels and teenage angst, this one is for you.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t for me.

img_5081Empire of Storms

Check out my obnoxiously long review to see all my thoughts, but I will confess that a week after I finished this monster, I was taking bookstagram pictures of it and just bursted out crying.  I curled up in the fetal position holding my bunny, saying over and over “but why?! why?!”  So, there’s that.

Sleeping Giants

I listened to this book via Playster Media, and I thought it was just okay.  It is told in interview format, and I really liked the production – there were a lot of different voices and characters, but I never felt like I HAD to get to the end.  I’m not even sure exactly what the climax of the story was now that I think about it…  But there was some great character development despite the format, which I thoroughly enjoyed. img_5257

Three Dark Crowns

I may be borderline obsessed with this book.  I loved the concept, the characters, and the overall darkness of the book.  I loved that my allegiance to the main characters was constantly shifting and realigning, and I never suspected what was going to happen.  The beginning is a bit confusing, but this one is worth pounding through.

I also like to include some random, yet equally awesome tidbits that happened throughout the month, you know, just to mix things up!

ravenclaw-appreciation-less-legThis sock picture hit 2200 likes. What!?  It just kept getting likes and I kept shoving my phone in my boyfriend’s face saying: “LOOK AT THIS – HOLY GUACAMOLE!”  You people are crazy and awesome.

I made a September photo challenge with one of my good friends @caseyrosereads!  It was so much fun to create something that at least a hundred people took part in, and it makes my heart so happy.  Check out the #rosyautumntales hashtag on Instagram to see all the beautiful pictures!

I went to an Empire of Storms tour signing and met Sarah J. Maas for the second time thisimg_4926 year.  Check out the whole recap here.

I also got a new camera this month when my other one decided randomly that no, it was no longer going to take pictures.  Just, kaput.  And I have been on a roller coaster of emotions ever since.  First, it was amazing to have a really nice camera, then I realized I didn’t know how to use it, but then I did a lot of research and learned some new things BUT THEN none of my pics would edit the same, and let’s just say it has been a camera adventure.

Lastly: 6 pumpkin spice lattes this month.  That has got to be a record low for me.

Let’s make October just as awesome, yes?!

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