Lauren Oliver

Published February 3rd, 2011 by HarperTeen

Delirium #1

30198509This review is going to be mostly an audio book review.  Mostly?!  What in the world does that mean?  Well, dear friends, it means that I downloaded this book to listen to while I walked my dogs in the evening, but I found myself so utterly consumed by the story that I needed to read it in my off time too.  So, I bought the whole trilogy on Amazon Prime one Friday night (2 day shipping is amazing!), had the series for Sunday, and continued reading/listening even when I wasn’t out for my nightly walk.

Also, just a note before I get into the actual review: the paperback republished copies are about 1000 times more attractive than the original covers, with the girl’s face on them.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Don’t worry about it, you don’t need to see that nonsense.

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November OwlCrate Unboxing!

img_6674When OwlCrate announced the last month that the November theme was going to be “Wonderland”, I sighed so heavily in disappointment.  Seriously, I am surprised my family didn’t hear it from 600 miles away.  I have never been a fan of Alice in Wonderland, and a whole box curated around this theme was sure to be a let down to people like myself right?


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Order to Kill

Kyle Mills (series created by Vince Flynn)

Published October 11th, 2016 by Simon & Schuster

Mitch Rapp #15

29493393I realize that writing this review, I’m not really appealing to most of the people that read and follow my blog.  But, I had a thought while reading that deserved discussing whether you are a fan of the series or not, so bear with me here…

Order to Kill is the 15th book in a long standing series that I got sucked into a few years ago with my dad; and while it certainly isn’t the type of book I usually read, *cough cough fantasy/scifi cough* I love myself a good political thriller every now and again.

The Mitch Rapp series is a story that was created by author Vince Flynn: its basically about a college kid that is recruited by the CIA, who is then trained to become their top operative/assassain (depending on the scenario).  Obviously this is extreme summarizing going on here, but the series spans several decades, with Rapp being immortalized as this sort of American hero and globally feared among the “bad guys” of the terrorist world.

Tragically, Vince Flynn lost his battle with cancer a few years ago, and so it seemed the Mitch Rapp dynasty had come to an end.  But last year another author, Kyle Mills,  picked up the series, writing in Flynn’s style, so the characters could live on.

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Top 5 Tuesday

Another week, another Tuesday, another Top 5 Tuesday!

For those of you that are unaware, Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by  The Broke & The Bookish, where book bloggers get to highlight their top 10 choices for the topic that the lovely people at B&B choose for the week.  Yes, the meme is supposed to be Top 10, and yes, I only do 5.  (#sorrynotsorry)

Anyways, today is all about books we are thankful for, since Thanksgiving is only two days away now.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to feature books from the past year that I am thankful for, or go all out and do my all time top 5 thankful for books.  After much deliberation and staring at my bookshelf, I went with the latter, so let’s get to it!

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Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life

Jeff Wilser

Published September 20th, 2016 by Three Rivers Press



“Yet, there’s a deeper reason we’re drawn to Hamilton – and that’s the man himself.  He feels somehow different from the other Founders, who, with their wise words and their marble statues, can seem more like myths than men.

Hamilton strikes us as human.  Flawed.  Fearless.  Reckless.”

I, like 78% of the population right now, am obsessed with all things Hamilton.  I listen to the musical non-stop (see what I did there), and have also been attracted to other Hamilton works in the past months.  I read a tiny bit of Rob Chernow’s Hamilton biography every time I am in Barnes & Noble, and have also picked up The Federalist Papers, and a book on Hamilton’s affair.  You know, for fun.

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The Liebster Award

I am super excited to bring to you all today a completely random and only partially inspired book post!  (I talk about cheese alright? I can’t be book books book all the time!) Thank you so much Alexandra  (letsrunawaytobooks) for tagging me to do the Liebster Award!  This is such a great way to learn a little bit about your fellow book bloggers, and in turn discover some awesome new sites!


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Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Published October 18th,2016 by Knopf Books

Illuminae Files #2

29236299Illuminae pretty much blew my mind when I read it back in May this year.  So, while I wasn’t waiting for Gemina near as long as some of the original fans of the series, I was very eager to get my hands on the continuation of this galactic adventure.

And bonus: these books are gorgeous.  The US hardback editions, with the plastic, see-through dust jackets are so original and GORGEOUS together.  SO. STINKIN. PRETTY.

I am sure that the authors would cringe if they heard me calling their books ‘pretty’, because these are bad ass stories, with strong independent characters, and scary alien violence.  Pretty isn’t really a word that you should throw around when you have zombie viruses and alien worms eating the protagonists, but hey, sue me.

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Jay Kristoff

Published August 9th, 2016 by Thomas Dunne Books

Nevernight Chronicles #1


So, let me tell you a little story about why reviewing books is the most wonderful yet terrible thing to ever happen to me:

Head on over to the Nevernight Goodreads page.  Okay, now click on the *reviews* link up at the top.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Fine, I’ll make this easy and just click this.

Okay, were all on the same page now?  Take a look at the first five reviews that show up (not including Mr. Kristoff’s creative use of GIFs to describe the plot).  There are THREE 1 star reviews, and TWO 5 star reviews.  That is pretty drastic and extreme different opinions.  And that is also the sole reason why I put off reading this book for so long even though I pre-ordered it.

But, I finally did it.  And now Nevernight is sitting safely and happily on my all time favorites shelf.

Moral of this story:  everyone has different opinions.  While reviews are entertaining to read and may possibly steer others towards (or away) from a certain book, at the end of the day, read the damn thing because YOU want to… or not.  That’s cool too.

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Top 5 Tuesday

Another week, another Tuesday, another Top 5 Tuesday!

For those of you that are unaware, Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by  The Broke & The Bookish, where book bloggers get to highlight their top 10 choices for the topic that the lovely people at B&B choose for the week.  Yes, the meme is supposed to be Top 10, and yes, I only do 5.  (#sorrynotsorry)

Anyways, today is all about the dreaded, the amazing, the NEVER ending: TBR list!

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Morning Star

Pierce Brown

Published February 2016

Red Rising #3

18966806I am doing it.  It is happening.  I am finally going to review Morning Star, after finishing this dang book over two months ago.

With the ending of Golden Son being the most bat-shit insane ending / cliff hanger to a book I have read possibly EVER, it wasn’t long before I picked up Morning Star.  And by “wasn’t long”, I mean it was approximately 7 and 1/2 minutes.

While this final installment in the Red Rising trilogy wasn’t my favorite of the three, it was a solid ending to a fantastic series, and I highly recommend the series to any fan of science fiction.  I think Morning Star left much to explore and possible situations unexplored, but for the most part, I finished the book satisfied, so it’s a weird line to walk.

Please, beware that while this review will not have too many spoilers for Morning Star individually, it is EXTREMELY difficult to review the finale in a trilogy without spoiling some aspects of the previous two books. You have officially  been warned.

Darrow would have lived in peace, but his enemies brought him war.

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