Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life

Jeff Wilser

Published September 20th, 2016 by Three Rivers Press



“Yet, there’s a deeper reason we’re drawn to Hamilton – and that’s the man himself.  He feels somehow different from the other Founders, who, with their wise words and their marble statues, can seem more like myths than men.

Hamilton strikes us as human.  Flawed.  Fearless.  Reckless.”

I, like 78% of the population right now, am obsessed with all things Hamilton.  I listen to the musical non-stop (see what I did there), and have also been attracted to other Hamilton works in the past months.  I read a tiny bit of Rob Chernow’s Hamilton biography every time I am in Barnes & Noble, and have also picked up The Federalist Papers, and a book on Hamilton’s affair.  You know, for fun.

Two centuries after his death, Alexander Hamilton is shining once more under the world s spotlight and we need him now more than ever.

Hamilton was a self-starter. Scrappy. Orphaned as a child, he came to America with nothing but a code of honor and a hunger to work. He then went on to help win the Revolutionary War and ratify the Constitution, create the country s financial system, charm New York s most eligible ladies, and land his face on our $10 bill. photo-oct-23-10-45-41

Hamilton died before he could teach us the lessons he learned, but Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life unlocks his core principles intended for anyone interested in success, romance, money, or dueling.

For history buffs and pop-culture addicts alike, this mix of biography, humor, and advice offers a fresh take on a nearly forgotten Founding Father, and will spark a revolution in your own life.

The book is broken up into lessons and virtues to take away and apply to your daily life, based on 5 of Alexander Hamilton’s core principles.

They include:

  1. Speak with Authority Even If You Have None (Career)
  2. Seduce with Your Strengths (Romance)
  3. Find Time for the Quills and the Bills (Money)
  4. Put the Father in Founding Father (Friends & Family)
  5. Being Right Trumps Being Popular (Leadership)

photo-nov-17-21-21-51Lessons you say?!  Don’t fret my friends, ‘lessons’ is really a loose term.  For example:

“Consider this: Hamilton outlined the entire project [The Federalist Papers] while traveling.  On a boat. As Eliza wrote years later…’Public business so filled up his time that he was compelled to do much of his studying and writing while traveling.’

Takeaway:  If you’re hungry and you have a burning passion, it is not necessary to quit your day job.  You can do both.  With the right schedule, the right mindset, and the right hustle, you can feed your creativity and keep paying the bills.”

Sure, there are lessons to be learned, but Wilser does not beat you ever the head with them.  This book is not classified as a self-help.  Basically, it’s a funny, informative little adventure through one of our favorite Founding Father’s life.  If picking up Ron Chernow’s biography is a little too daunting for you, but you still wish to gain more insight than what the musical offers, this book is a perfect compromise.

“Hamilton did more by 9 am than most people do all week.”

*insert list of awesomeness here that I wont include in this review for length purposes*

This is a quick review, but honestly, this is a fast little

As a history – I don’t necessarily want to call myself a buff so instead I will use the word, enthusiast – I have always been fond of the American Revolution and events thereafter.  All of this interest in the mid to late 1700s now by the general population brings back fond memories of my favorite college courses; and I have realized I don’t need to be in school to keep reading and learning about something that used to entertain me so much.

I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone riding the Hamilton train right now, i.e. everyone I know (minus a few key family members that will soon be disowned if this doesn’t change).  Wilser does a wonderful job of infusing modern humor, the Hamilton musical, and historical fun facts that the musical may have left out or brushed over. Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life was such an entertaining & moderately quick read, and I am really happy to have it in my Hamilton collection.

*Please note, I did receive this book for free from Blogging for Books, but that does not alter any feelings I may have had while reading.  All opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are entirely my own.*

★★★★ 1/2


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