November FairyLoot Unboxing!

Why is FairyLoot so amazing?  How do they do it?!

When the theme for November was announced, on Instagram in early October, I scheduled a reminder in my planner to hop online and purchase one as soon as they became available.  “Royals & Rogues”?!  “Perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas”?!  Count me in.

I have gotten a few FairyLoots before and have loved them infinitely, but since they are based in the U.K. and I live in the US, I never wanted to commit to a subscription because DAMN YOU SHIPPING!!  The November “Royals & Rogues” box may just change my mind though…

Right when I opened the box, I noticed a box inside the box, so that was the first thing I pulled out! Inside was this absolutely gorgeous Queen of Books mug that was designed by Read at Midnight.  This is the first time that I have received a mug in any book subscription box, and I was so pleasantly surprised to see it included!  I assume it is difficult to include items like this for not only size purposes, but how fragile they are when you are talking about shipping them all over the world.  But it is so awesome that FairyLoot made it work! 

To compliment the amazing mug we received, included was a “Royals & Rogues” Earl Grey loose leaf tea made by The Tea Leaf co.  While I am not the biggest fan of Earl Grey tea, it smells pretty tasty, and seems of good quality.  I also 1000% appreciate the fact that FairyLoot included loose leaf tea bags, for all of those people who do not drink tea regularly, or only pre-bagged tea. I really have no excuse to not try this now.

I have gotten a few pocket mirrors from subscription boxes, but this one may be my favorite.  Even though I have yet to read The Wrath and the Dawn, the quote is beautiful, and the mirror is a really great size.  The other pocket mirrors I have gotten have been tiny, so this one by Bookworm Boutique really nailed it.

Of course, some sort of Throne of Glass merchandise needs to be included in a Royals & Rogues box, and this adorable Queen of Terrasen note pad by designed by Drop and Give Me Nerdy is absolutely perfect.  It looks fantastic on my Sarah J. Maas shelf, and I haven’t decided if I actually want to use it or not!

I love how much my art/print collection has grown since I have subscribed to bookish subscription boxes, and this is another great addition.  While I am not a huge fan of Red Queen, I can still appreciate pretty art!

Also, there is this crystalline shaped soap, which I may or may not have initially thought was candy.  The soap has some significance to the book that was included this month, which makes me even more intrigued to read it.  I have actually already used this, and I really like the way it smells, and the touch of glitter was a nice addition.  It did make my skin feel a little waxy though, but I usually have that problem with bar soaps, so it wasn’t completely unexpected. img_6763

I can’t believe I still haven’t  gotten to the end of the list of items included in this
amazing box!  But the last item that was included other than the book, was this tote bag inspired by the other brilliant series by Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury.  I particularly like the way this bag is shaped, its more rectangular, rather than the basic square shape that most tote bags come in.  Also, it is amazing quality, a thick material that the design is printed on, rather than a decal pressed on.  I love this!

Finally, the book that was included in this month’s box was Nemesis by Anna Banks.  I don’t really know much about this book, other than how conflicted the cover makes me feel.  Sometimes when I look at I think: “oh dang, this looks bad ass” and then other times I look at it and all I can do is cringe.  But per usual, the book comes with a promotional bookmark, a signed book-plate (already placed it in!), a letter from the author, and a unique hashtag so you can find your reading buddy for the month.  Also, FairyLoot now packages their books in signature FairyLoot bags, which is AMAZING.  It is almost like an extra bonus item every month, because obviously the bags are reusable, AND it protects the book while it is in transit.  GENIUS, FAIRYLOOT, GENIUS!

Usually with FairyLoot boxes, I try to break down the box’s items by price, so I can determine whether or not the box is/was financially ‘worth it’, since the shipping is so much higher being an international box.  With this November box, I didn’t think that process was really necessary.  This box was jam-packed with high quality stuff, that not only looks great on my bookshelf, but that I am actually going to use.

Amazingly, FairyLoot is smashing book subscription box expectations, and my December “Sci-Fi Adventure” box is already purchased.  I have actually cancelled my other book box subscriptions, so I can continue to get FairyLoot on a regular basis…It is just too good to pass up!

So: weigh in!  Did you get the November FairyLoot box and if so what did you think about it?!  ORRRRR is there another book subscription box you are partial too instead?

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