Top 5 Tuesday

It has been WAY too long since I have participated in a Top 10 Tuesday!

For those of you that are unaware, Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by  The Broke & The Bookish, where book bloggers get to highlight their top 10 choices for the topic that the lovely people at B&B choose for the week.  Yes, the meme is supposed to be Top 10, and yes, I only do a Top 5.  No shame in the top 5 game though!

This Tuesday, the prompt is “all about visuals”, and since I am a pretty visual person, I thought I would share something with you all that makes me very excited in the book universe: gorgeous chapter headers!

photo-jan-29-14-55-35The Throne of Glass Series 

I am still amazed at how amazed I am at these chapter headers.  All of Sarah J. Maas’s books are gorgeous, the covers especially, but I love that the publisher brought a little bit of magic to the inside of the book to.  These chapter pages are bold and unique, and I know this is random but I love how the book looks when it’s shut; like there is it gives it more depth.  I guess it is supposed to look like a glass reflection or something similar to that, but I just adore how magical it makes each chapter.

The Dinosaur Lords 

photo-jan-29-12-38-35So, I haven’t actually read this book, but I can admit with absolutely no shame whatsoever, that these chapter headers were the main reason I even purchased this book.  I don’t know even know what this book is about, but look at these dinosaurs!  I love dinosaurs and these rough sketches of different species of dinosaurs with FREAKING SADDLES on them, I just cant even.  (Apparently men ride dinosaurs in this book… I am now seriously questioning why I haven’t read this yet.)

The Harry Potter Scholastic Editions

photo-jan-29-12-35-50When I was scanning my bookcase trying to remember some glorious chapter headers, I almost kicked myself for not thinking of these editions first and foremost.  The Scholastic editions of the Harry Potter books were my childhood (but further into adulthood and more important than anything else that happened in those years TBH) and I love the little images at the beginning of each chapter!  I remember reading these for the first time and almost analyzing these pictures because it was kind of a clue to what was going to happen in the coming chapter, but still vague enough to avoid revealing anything.  Just looking at these is so nostalgic for me, I have a hankering to reread the whole series again now…

Six of Crows

photo-jan-29-12-40-08I put off reading this book for way too long last year, and once I finally opened it up, I was stunned at how gorgeous these chapter headers are.  This is one of those rare books that is as beautiful on the outside, as the words that fill the pages on the inside.  Every aspect of this book contributes to the overall amazingness of this novel: the black stained pages, the jaw dropping cover, and of course these chapter headers!  I love the edginess of the design, and all of the different POVs as well.  Oh, and that font!  I am going to stop myself because I could write another paragraph or 7 at how lovely this book is.

The Wheel of Time (tall paperback editions)

photo-jan-29-12-39-35So, in preparation for this post, I really started just pulling off books from my shelves and flipping through the pages looking for chapter headers that jumped out at me.  And, I was so pleasantly surprised to find that my boyfriend’s copy of The Wheel of Time has great chapter headers!  I also love books that have chapter titles as well, I feel like it isnt as common of a practice as it was when I was reading in middle school and highschool, but it makes me love all the work that goes into a book even more.  Anyways, finding these was so unexpected, but I am intrigued!  (He has still yet to read these books, but with designs like this, I may move this up my never-ending TBR.)

Honorable Mention: This Savage Song

photo-jan-29-12-40-53I know I am not going to get to 10 on this list, but I did want to include an honorable mention as well!  While these are not necessarily chapter headers, I absolutely love the simple design for the chapter numbers in This Savage Song.  They were so perfect for the story, and I loved the uniqueness and the simplicity.  (For those who havent read this book yet, the book is divided into parts and the chapter numbers reset in each part, so there isnt ever an inordinate amount of tallies to count up.)  (Not sure why I felt like I needed to explain that to you, but here we are.)

Well, that rounds out my favorite chapter headers and designs!  I am still expanding my library, so I am sure there are amazing books and chapter designs out there that I have never come across before, so weigh in!  What beautiful book chapters are missing from my list?

Until next time bookish friends!




8 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday

  1. I really love how you interpreted the topic this week. Books with creative chapter titles are awesome and not a lot of people even talk about it. I personally love the SOC/CK ones.


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