February Book Boyfriend Box Unboxing!

It is one of the most wonderful times of the month: a bookish subscription unboxing time!

Book Boyfriend Box is a relatively new subscription box, with the February box being only the third they have put together.  I am so supremely lucky to be able to rep for this company, they have been nothing short of wonderful, and I love seeing the evolution of their boxes.  So, without further ado, February’s Out of this World box!

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A Monster Calls: Dealing with Painful Memories

It was a bright and sunny Saturday morning.  I had decided that I was going to take the day to do things that I wanted to do: no running errands, no cleaning the apartment, just relaxing, taking some pictures for bookstagram, and generally taking a “me” day.

a-monster-calls-2Lately I have been a tiny bit overwhelmed by the amount of books that I own, yet remain unread.  (I am not really sure why I feel this way, isn’t that the main requirement of being a bookworm, owning all of these books that we will never find time to read?)  So, in an effort to knock off a few of these owned/unread books, I picked up a short read that I could get started on while I took a bath that morning.

A Monster Calls was a book that I had grabbed at Target several months ago, and have just been putting off reading because I was told that I would undoubtedly cry.  I don’t often seek out books that will make me sad, I don’t particularly enjoy crying, but I thought “what the heck, lets see what happens”.

Let me be clear: I don’t plan on reviewing A Monster Calls in this blog post, it is a really short read and I highly recommend anyone and everyone take 2 to 3 hours out of their day and read it.  What I do want to focus on is not necessarily the book itself, but the buried feelings and hurt this book brought to the surface for me.

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I Want Superpowers – I really do though…

Stephen Bereznai

Published November 26th, 2016

Standalone (FOR NOW)


I always get a teeny bit nervous when an author sends me an email asking me to review their book, whether the book piques my interest or not.   The reason being that a year ago when I really dedicated myself to the book world and reviewing books seriously (rather than the old “it was good!” reviews I used to write when I first started using Goodreads), I told myself that I would always be honest with how I felt, whether I enjoyed a book or subsequently did not.   I would never advocate for something that I didn’t like, but the thought of writing a negative or critical review of book that I have had interaction with the author with… now that is the stuff of nightmares.  However, when Steven Bereznai shot me an email a couple of months ago asking me to read his book, I Want Superpowers, I was really, REALLY intrigued, and said yes without so much as a second thought.
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January FairyLoot Unboxing!

Every month I seek out unboxing pictures for FairyLoot, even if I have managed to snag a box that month or not. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally commit to a subscription, I was hesitant that there would be a few months in a row that the value fairy-loot-selfiewouldn’t be there to justify the international shipping I suppose.  However, after seeing 7 months of unboxings, and personally receiving 4 of those boxes, I finally committed to a subscription to FairyLoot!

When I first started unboxing FairyLoot on my blog, I wanted to break down the price of each item in the box, so it would help anyone else who was on the fence about the international shipping into convincing them to subscribe to this book box company, and I have decided to go back to that!  It does take a little bit of extra time and research, but I think its worth it to potentially save people some money, or help them commit to finally taking the plunge into FairyLoot!

So without further ado, the January FairyLoot box: Mischief and Magic!

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January Wrap Up & Haul

I am aware this is a mildly late January recap post, but it has been so long since I have shared my wrap ups and hauls that I thought it would be fun to get back into it! Plus, I had a really good reading month so I wanted to brag a little bit. (Hey, I guess being sick did have its perks – lots of reading time!)

Wrap Up: 

Nuts to You – I really wanted to start the new year with a book that I could finish quickly, and has been on my shelves for a long time. I grabbed this little middle grade read off my shelf and it was exactly what I was looking for. Was it an earth shattering, life changing read? No. But it was cute and fun and the squirrel drawings were adorable. 3.5 stars!

The Song Rising – this was one of my first successful buddy reads, and I had so much fun flailing / panicking every 15 minutes with Milana from @acouplereads! Another amazing installment to one of my favorite series, although I will admit this book had a decidedly darker feel than the previous two. 4.5 stars!

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The Sunday Post

Happy Sunday everyone!  There is something so wonderful and yet depressing about Sundays.  I love the relaxing atmosphere, the putting my home together for the upcoming week, the spending time with my pups and getting in some reading time, even if the work week looms on the horizon.  

I thought I would indulge in another issue of The Sunday Post since I had so much fun putting it together last week!  The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer, and it is a chance to share some weekly news.  This is a chance to recap the past week, showcase some books and other things you may have received, or maybe talk about what is coming up for the week on your blog.  (Although I am not much of a planner, so instead let me talk your head off about my flu and show off my bookcases! Continue reading “The Sunday Post”

The Bear and The Nightingale

Hello everyone, I am here today to talk to you about our new Lord and Savior, Katherine Arden, the beautiful individual who has brought this book The Bear and the Nightingale into our lives.

It has been too long since I have read a book that made me want to climb to the top of the highest mountain, to scale buildings, to set up booths in the local park and shout to the world: “YOU NEED TO READ THESE WORDS!”

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