January FairyLoot Unboxing!

Every month I seek out unboxing pictures for FairyLoot, even if I have managed to snag a box that month or not. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally commit to a subscription, I was hesitant that there would be a few months in a row that the value fairy-loot-selfiewouldn’t be there to justify the international shipping I suppose.  However, after seeing 7 months of unboxings, and personally receiving 4 of those boxes, I finally committed to a subscription to FairyLoot!

When I first started unboxing FairyLoot on my blog, I wanted to break down the price of each item in the box, so it would help anyone else who was on the fence about the international shipping into convincing them to subscribe to this book box company, and I have decided to go back to that!  It does take a little bit of extra time and research, but I think its worth it to potentially save people some money, or help them commit to finally taking the plunge into FairyLoot!

So without further ado, the January FairyLoot box: Mischief and Magic!


Every box received and mini random Funko pop, but it was even more random because there were both the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series sent out.  I got Ramsay from Game of Thrones and promptly tossed him behind my books, hopefully never to be seen again.  Shame on you Funko!  He shouldn’t have EVER been even made into a funko!  These are listed on Amazon for a retail price of $8 (even though they are definitely not worth that much, were going by retail price here!)

img_8434There were a lot of exclusive items featured in this box, which is amazing and obviously increases the value of each item, however, it does make pricing it out a teeny bit more difficult.  The first exclusive thing I pulled from the box was this gorgeous candle from Meraki Candles called “Come Back Yesterday”.  I love the scent (its berries, cocoa, and a hint of musk), and I adore the coloring.  I was a smidge disappointed because my candle wick was off-center, so I couldn’t get an even burn, but I still love all the other unique features of it.  Apparently FairyLoot asked Stephanie Garber (the author of this month’s book) if she would name the candle for them: how neat is that!?  All of Meraki’s Etsy listings are for 7oz candles and they run for $11.50 so let’s say this particular candle has a value of $7 since it is a 4oz exclusive candle.

img_8506Probably my favorite item in the box is this exclusive pillowcase made by Risa Rodil featuring a quote from The Night Circus.  I have yet to read this book, but goodness does this pillowcase make me want to!  This is another hard item to price out, but most pillowcases are $20-$23 on society6, so with the exclusiveness, the high quality, and the size, I want to give this one a retail value of $25.

An exclusive rose necklace made by Oh Panda Eyes was also included!  It is inspired by the book of the month, and the detail is lovely.  This is a hard item to price since it is exclusive, but the average price of necklaces in Oh Panda Eyes’ Etsy store is about $10 so let’s go with that.

img_8640I absolutely adore this exclusive Alice in Wonderland bookmark created by Read at Midnight!  Even though I am not a big fan of AiW, all the merch for this book is so whimsical and amazing.  The bookmark is triple paper thick (I have no idea how to word this more intelligently, my brain has drained from my head in the process of writing this blog post) and it feels really sturdy.  I have no idea how to even price this, so I am just going to guess $3.

A How to Think Like Sherlock book.  Supposedly, this little
treat will help me improve my powers of memory and observation, and I love how adorable it is!  It is a super neat
addition to the box, and while I am glad it’s not the standalone book featured, it will be fun to flip through from time to time.  I found this book listed on Amazon for $16!  Again, I think this is a lot for a mini hardback book, but since we are going for retail value in this post I will let it slide.

Finally, the book featured this month was Caraval by Stephanie Garber!  This wasn’t really a surprise to me, the theme basically said that this was going to be the book of the month, but I am still so excited to have this in my hands!  It is the UK hardback edition, so there are 4 different versions that were sent ocaraval-circus-tentut to all subscribers.  Each book has a design under the cover jacket, and it varies.
I love the treasure hunt involved in this, and I think it was such a cool idea for the publishers to do. This edition of Caraval is listed on Book Depository for $14 give or take a few cents.

As usual there were some great bonus items: a Passenger notebook, a Jackaby free chapter download, an Alchemists of Loom bookmark, a signed book-plate, a letter from Stephanie Garber, and a Caraval bookmark and post card. Oh, and of course, the FairyLoot bag that each book comes tucked in.  I am not going to break down the price for all of these because they are just extra goodies, and really shouldn’t sway you one way or another to subscribe.

So to wrap up this incredibly long blog post: this box was SO WORTH IT!  When I get charged for my monthly FairyLoot, it equals $50.44 (or something pretty close to that; don’t make me go through my charge history!)  The book, the pillowcase, and the candle are worth fifty bucks, so after that, everything else is bonus for me!  I loved this box so much, and I think FairyLoot does an amazing job.  I have yet to be disappointed in the contents of one of their boxes, everything is so worth it!

Let me know if these types of posts help to sway or deter you in subscribing to FairyLoot!  I would love to know if I influence anyone in any shape or form…I guess the bottom line for me at least, is that for this particular subscription box, the value is always there: they continue to put together these amazing boxes featuring mainly fantasy books, which is perfect for me.

Until next time book nerds!


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