The Dreaded Book Slump & How I Handle It (spoiler alert: like an ADULT)

We’ve all been there.

img_6047We all know that dreaded feeling: the feeling when no book is scratching that reading itch.  And even worse, the effort to pick up a new book is too great.  Instead you watch countless hours of TV or really dumb YouTube videos, you spend a lot of time looking through Instagram or Twitter, search endlessly for new shops on Etsy, and overall just avoid looking at all of your unread books.

The biggest problem with falling into a book slump though, is not the actual lack of reading.  Instead, it’s more that they seem to be perpetual, almost like a snowball rolling down a snowy mountainside.  I have found that the longer I go without reading, the harder it is to pull myself out of a slump.

There are countless articles and posts on the Internet offering tips and tricks and strategies to help you pull yourself out of a reading slump, but personally, I rely on just one thing: time.

mystery stack & flowersYes, I know this isn’t that helpful of a piece of advice, but hear me out.

I used to stress myself out so much thinking about how many books I own that remain unread.  I used to think that I absolutely HAD to get to them because otherwise I was a bad and unprofessional bookworm.  I used to feel overwhelmed by how slowly I would finish a book.

Until one day….

My boyfriend and I were grocery shopping and really we were just trying to focus on dinner.  After wandering around the store aimlessly for half an hour, still undecided on what we were going to cook that night, we were so exhausted that we ended up grabbing a box of Oreos, a half-gallon of milk, and a loaf of bread to make a grilled cheese.  Not the most adult like dinner, but we were content and happy.

How does this story relate to book slumps? photo-jan-19-10-20-24

I’ll be honest: it really doesn’t. 

It’s just a funny story to remind myself that I am a god damn adult and if I feel like reading, I will read.  If I feel like watching Nicholas play video games, I will watch him play video games.  If I want to spend hours of MY time on Etsy, or Instagram, or Twitter, then hey, guess what?  I can do that.

It doesn’t make me any less of a reader just because I finish one or two books in a month, instead of seven or eight.  I still love reading, and that will never change.  When I feel the urge to pick up a book and dive back into the bookworm lifestyle, I will most certainly do just that.  But in the mean time, I am just going to relax and stop putting so much dang pressure on myself!

And if that fails, just go to the bookstore/library/Amazon/wherever you buy books, and get yourself a new one.  Sometimes, a shiny new book is all it takes.


5 thoughts on “The Dreaded Book Slump & How I Handle It (spoiler alert: like an ADULT)

  1. Hey, 1 or 2 books in a month is still great. I know so many people who haven’t picked up a book in years. What gets me out of a reading slump is usually a highly anticipated release…or rereading a favorite book.


  2. I just managed to get myself out of the reading slump I was in last month. I only read 3 books and February. What helped me get out of my reading slump at least this time around was reading some adult romance novels.


  3. Syd, you hit the nail on the head with this post. Reading needs be a relaxing activity and pressuring yourself is a big no-no. Book slumps speak about being a reader because if you aren’t a reader, then you don’t encounter book slumps. That itself shows that you are a true bookworm! ❤☺


  4. Oh I really love this article you wrote. It really spoke to me. It happened to me. I often read 10 books a month and for past 4 months, I fell into reading slump and I feel guilty, especially when I realized my speed acquiring book became faster than reading them. So this month, I tried to just ignore and said to myself that is okay to be in reading slump,to take it slow and set lower goal in goodreads reading challenge. Then after some time, I feel the urge to reading again and I have finished reading 8 books this week. Alhamdulillah! 😀


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