Top 5 Tuesday

I am so relieved that the Broke and the Bookish are putting out Top 10 Tuesday prompts again because LORD KNOWS I am not creative enough to come up with my own prompts!  For more information about this awesome list making meme (and I know you like lists because honestly, who doesn’t?) head HERE!

Today I am going to do a little bit of fantasizing about meeting some of my favorite authors!  I have met a couple so far, mostly at BookCon last year, but I have recently discovered how amazing it is to see authors on their book tours!  There is usually a bad ass Q&A session before the signing, and it is way more intimate than simply standing in line to meet an author at a convention.

Anyways, here are my top 5 authors that I am dying to meet and will definitely try to get to a signing in the future!

the reaper candlesPierce Brown – author of the Red Rising trilogy, which if you have been following me for any amount of time know that it is one of my favorites.  Plus, he is so good-looking.  I would probably be the drool faced emoji if I ever met him, but I still want to okay?!

Alex Bracken – ive only read the Passenger Duology by Alexandra Bracken, but I really enjoyed her writing style, characters, and how much she made me attached to these books with only two!  I also want to bombard her with questions about why there were only two books in this series?  Will we ever get more Etta and Nicholas?  I need to know.  Plus, I love her online presence, she seems to be a wonderful person.

nevernightJay Kristoff – I am a huge fan of the Illuminae series (I find that most people are) so I decided to pick up Nevernight last year too.  And oh boy.  OH BOY!  I freaking loved that book.  Definitely would love to meet this crazy guy.

VE Schwab – Again, I have only read a couple of Schwab’s books and I have still yet to finish the Darker Shades of Magic series, but I really like her writing style.  I also appreciate how she can seamlessly transition from writing YA to adult.  Schwab will actually be at BookCon this year, so while I may not get to go to a Q&A session, I hope to still meet her for a brief time!

harry potter explosionJK Rowling
– I think JK Rowling goes without saying, but imma say it anyway!  Not only was Harry Potter my childhood (and teenage-hood, and adulthood) but I am a HUGE fan of her Cormoran Strike novels.  I would probably pass out with excitement anyway from meeting her, but hey, at least I could die happy.

Really, meeting any author is such a pleasure.  I always get a little nervous, my heart beats fast and my palms get sweaty, but I think its best to just tell yourself: “hey, these are just people who love books maybe a little bit more than me.”  Even telling myself this though, I still hardcore fangirled when I met Samantha Shannon and Sarah J. Maas.  Oh well, maybe next time I will have it under control!

So, tell me!  Who are you just dying to meet?

Until next time book nerds!


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