It’s All in the De-Tales! (an introduction & a photo-shoot with berry branches)

I have been concocting this in my head for months now and finally decided it was time to put “the pen to paper” so to say.its all in the details

I know that one of my book buying habits is to pick up and purchase a book based purely on looks.  You say: don’t judge a book by its cover, and I don’t!  I judge it on so much more than that (although admittingly yes, I do still pick up books based on the way it looks so, I guess the saying is still relative here).

There is so much to consider when picking up a book based on how it looks: the cover yes, but also the spine details, the back cover, the pages (are they deckled?! are they sprayed?!), the title pages, the chapter headers, the naked spine, the naked hardcover, and I could go on and on because I just love all of the aspects and characteristics that go into making a book beautiful and unique.

Anyways,  I thought it would be fun to start a meme based on this (not-so-bad) habit.  This is not necessarily a book ‘review’, although you could say its a review based on physical properties and not what is on the inside!

I am not going to put any “rules” to this per say, but I will say I will be doing a “Its All in the De-Tales” post every other week!  If you decide to join in, just link back to me, and if you want to use my De-Tales deer picture, go for it.  And, that’s it!

Nick bought me Ever the Hunted last week, and holy moly guys, I was blown away by how gorgeous this book is.  And I figured this would be a perfect book to introduce you all to my new biweekly feature!

ever the hunted de-tales-9

I tried and tried to capture all the details in this cover, but alas, it’s too pretty!  So imagine my pleasant surprise when I opened up the pretty:

Oh, and don’t you love it when a book has a map?  Isn’t it 1000x better if that map is mesmerizing?!

ever the hunted de-tales-4

My Precious. 

I am a huge fan of detailed chapter pages, seriously, I even did a whole blog post on it which you can check out HERE.   Anyways, Ever the Hunted did not disappoint in that aspect, look at these!

ever the hunted de-tales-3


Do you all take the jacket off of a hardback book to check out the naked cover underneath before you buy it?  I guess you could say this is another bad habit of mine: undressing books in Barnes & Noble.  But look at this!  I guess it is a little hard to tell because it’s just an embossed design on a white hardcover, but I always appreciate a good embossing.

ever the hunted de-tales-7

Lastly, the spine!  Don’t worry, I would never forget about this, its one of my favorite aspects of my books.  The wrapped cover spine is the first part of the book I will see when I look at my bookcase, but the naked spine did not disappoint either!


And that about wraps it up!  I guess the only thing left to review now is the actual story, but hey, we all know how big our TBRs are so there is no guarantee when the dang thing will actually get read.  At least you all know how pretty it is now though!

So, who is going to participate in some de-tales!?  Let me know in the comments!

Well until next time book friends!





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