March Wrap Up & Haul!

img_9682THIS IS SO LATE AND IT’S EMBARRASSING!  But, I still wanted to post about the books that I read and acquired in March, so I just went for it… 14 days late.  But come on, who doesn’t love looking at a good stack of books no matter what time of the month it is?

Wrap Up:

img_0091In March I finally let myself get sucked into the world of Percy Jackson, and it has been awesome!  I cannot believe I put off reading Percy for so long, these books are so much fun, and I just adore all of the characters.  Percy is like a sassier, more ADD version of Harry Potter, and I love the Greek Mythology.

So, my March monthly wrap up includes:

  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
  • Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
  • Empress of a Thousand Skies, which was one of my least favorite books I have read recently.  Check out my review HERE.
  • Caraval, which was much more enjoyable than I had anticipated it to be, and you can see my review HERE.
  • We Are Okay, which was a really short but moving book about loneliness and sadness and the importance of family, and I really enjoyed it.



img_9904I am getting to that point in my bookstagram and blogging life that I am being sent books by publishers and authors and IT IS AMAZING.

I didn’t mean to end up with this many books this month, but when the book fairy TM drops something off on your doorstep, you’re not going to send it away are you?!

Anyways, here are all the books that I SOMEHOW, IM NOT SURE HOW, procured during the month of march.

Penguin Teen: img_9791

  • Nemesis – which I cant wait to read!  The premise sounds so interesting and weird!
  • 13 Reasons Why – came in this awesome 13 reasons why survival pack with candy and popcorn and tissues.  I read this book years ago, but I am glad to have a new copy!
  • Once and For All – another awesomely put together box, with chocolates and postcards!

Fly Leaf Books:

When I went to the Samantha Shannon signing at Fly Leaf in early March, they required everyone to purchase The Song Rising from their book store to get it signed.  I kind of worked out a deal with the owner, since I already had three copies of TSR, if I could just purchase a few different books from them instead.  So, I got:

  • We are Okay
  • Long May She Reign

LitJoy Crate:img_0166

  • Shadowrun


  • Strange the Dreamer – the most gorgeous book in all of existence.


  • The Song Rising Collector’s Edition!  I actually ordered this book LAST AUGUST, and was devastated that it didn’t ship right when the book came out, but it is now in my possession and the wait was so worth it.


img_9853Yes, my boyfriend gets his own category because when I had a really shitty week, he brought me to Barnes & Noble and picked out a book for me while I drank coffee. He is so sweet, and bought me:


ANNNNDDDD that’s a wrap!  I know I always do these so late into April so no one should even care anymore, but I know its everyone’s secret guilty pleasure to check out all the books that everyone else acquired during the month.  I know this. Don’t lie.

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