It’s All in the De-Tales – Whole Series Edition! (The Bone Season is GORG)

its all in the detailsThere is so much to consider when picking up a book if you are judging it how it looks: the cover yes, but also the spine details, the back cover, the pages (are they deckled?! are they sprayed?!), the title pages, the chapter headers, the naked spine, the naked hardcover, and I could go on and on and on…

Based on all of these factors, I thought it would be fun to start a blog meme, which I am so fondly calling, “It’s All in the De-Tales”.  This is not necessarily a book ‘review’, although you could say its a review based on physical properties and has nothing to do with what is on the inside!

So for this third edition of “It’s All in the De-Tales” I thought it would be fun to do one of my favorite incomplete series, one which I picked up several years ago specifically because I loved how the book looked without the dust jacket on.

I present to you: The Bone Season books in all their glory! 

TBS detales -02

These covers are amazing.  And no, I am not going to get into the drama with the new cover releases Bloomsbury decided to spring on us before the release of The Song Rising, but let’s just all be thankful they decided to keep the original covers as collector’s editions.

One of my favorite aspects of these books are the spines.  Both with the jacket on and off, these books are definitely eye catchers:

I don’t know if I own another series that has so many details put into just the hardback itself.  Not only are the spines embossed with gold symbols from each respective book, but the covers also have gold embossed insignia that represent The Bone Season!

TBS detales -05

I will admit, I am not sure if the naked hardcovers coloring is important or significant or just beautiful, but I love how different they all are!  Obviously from all of the details you can tell they belong in the same series, but it is amazing to come across a book with this much work put into just the cover.

And now, let’s open up the dang things!

TBS detales -06

I love these end pages.  Again, it’s all the same theme, but each symbol represents its respective book.  The contrasting colors and the overall simplicity of these pages is striking.

Samantha Shannon has, hands down, the best dedication pages I have ever read.  I honestly teared up when I finally had The Song Rising in my hands and read “For the silenced”.  They are so beautiful and meaningful to the story and real life.

TBS detales -08

Oh, did I mention I met Samantha Shannon back in March this year and got all of my books signed?  I legit fangirled.  LOOK AT HER HANDWRITING!! It’s so cute!

TBS detales -07

Coming to the end of our Bone Season tour, I had to show off the chapter headers of course!  Not completely overdone, but definitely an eye catcher, I love all the little designs.  Personally, my favorite is the black moth from The Mime Order (probably my fave book from the series as well) but I just really appreciate the overall concept.  The different designs set these books far enough apart from each other that you can discern which book is which from just these little illustrations, but you can still tell they all belong in the same series.

Keep doing your thing Bloomsbury!  I will just be over here twiddling my thumbs and randomly bursting into tears whenever I think about how far away we are from wrapping up this series.

If you haven’t picked this series up yet, you are missing out!  Not only are they gorgeous on the outside, but the insides are AMAZING.  I will even link my reviews right here for your viewing convenience, YOU’RE WELCOME!

The Bone Season – A Wild Ride, WITH A GLOSSARY


The Song Rising – A Summary of Feels

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