A Nosy Adventure; Let’s Talk Candles!

I was definitely all aboard the bookish candle hype train when the concept really took off.  A candle company would come out with a new variation of my favorite characters, or places from books, or just general bookish themed, and I snatched them up without a second thought. wickworms pyramid

Eventually my sister and I started our own bookish themed candle company called wickworms, and while it has been so much fun designing candles, it has really fueled the obsession.  But owning a business is hard, and while both of us have learned quite a few lessons on this journey, I have taken away two main points:

  1. I have picky fragrance tastes.  For example, any scent containing jasmine is a hard pass for me, same with gardenia or spearmint.  Sweet candles are also a miss for me, except very rarely a candle containing caramel scents will pique my interest.
  2. If I love a fandom hard enough, I find it necessary to adorn my shelves with every candle in existence from that fandom.

img_4286So, with that being said, I have been burning a lot of candles lately (because I finally convinced myself that I cannot buy more if I don’t get rid of some) and I thought it would be fun to share with you my favorite  bookish candles!   When I originally put together this list, I found that I had favorites from tons of different shops, which was completely unintentional but perfect for spreading the love; enjoy!

Rhys – Seven Hearts Wax Co.

outer space stackProbably my favorite candle in existence.  Actually, not probably; definitely.  This has an overall masculine scent profile with touches of spice, woods, ocean, a tad bit of citrus, and a whole lot of sexy.  Rachel, the owner of Seven Hearts, actually closed down her store, but told me the fragrance oils she used for this candle so my sister can make me an endless supply.  I am such a happy candle lover and honestly, eternally grateful for Rachel sharing her secret.

Carousel of Roses – wickworms

carousel of rosesThe more I burn this candle, the more I love it.  It smells like candied apples with a touch of roses.  Neither scent is overbearing, neither takes precedence over the other.  It is like an olfactory adventure every time I stick my face in for a sniff.  I am so, SO glad that this candle is from my sister’s and my own candle shop because I can burn it continuously with no feelings of guilt.  Once it’s gone, I have sissy send me a replacement.  It’s such a wonderful candle, the color is gorgeous, and the label is one of my favorites that we have ever designed. You can visit wickworms website here, and don’t forget to use my coupon code DEER10 if you purchase a candle from us!


The Muse – Novelly Yours

the museA new favorite!  Inspired by Sarai from Strange the Dreamer, The Muse is sure to leave you wanting more.  With a top scent of peach, but lingering touches of rosemary, this is one of the more unique and satisfying candles I own.  It isn’t too sweet, and the color is pretty much to die for.  To be honest almost all of Novelly Yours’ candles that I own, I love.  Plus, Brittany is such a wonderful person, so, bonus!  Head on over to Novelly Yours’ website and check out all of her gorgeous candles!

Poseidon’s Cabin – Burnt Sugar Cider

I think it is mildly comical that two of my favorite candles are inspired by Caraval by Stephanie Garber, which I enjoyed, but was most certainly not my favorite book ever.  Perhaps I am just really fond of apple scents that are not overwhelmingly apple-y?  Burnt Sugar Cider smells like caramel, something nutty, with a tad of that apple sweetness thrown in there.  It is absolutely PERFECT for fall, and I have burned through the whole thing in less than a week.  Unfortunately, I never took a picture of it before I burnt it into the ground… shame on me!  Check out Library Lights here!


Cassian – The Melting Library

cassianMy sweet, baby Cassian.  My goodness do I love this candle!  I received a 2 oz sample of this wonderful creation when The Melting Library did a box set of all of the Inner Circle characters from A Court of Mist and Fury.  I loved it so much I burned half before realizing that once it was gone, that was it!  The scent is complex and I can’t quite pin it down; it is sweet but not bakery sweet.  Woodsy, but not piney.  Masculine, but not overwhelmingly so.  Thankfully, Raquel just re-listed these candles and I swore I hopped on there and bought a full size Cassian it made my actual head spin.  The Melting Library has such gorgeous candles and complex scents, check them all out here!

The book loving community is filled with such creative and wonderful people, I love seeing everyone’s imagination come to fruition.  I have always been super supportive of all other candle shops, even through coming to own my own.  So, with that being said, there are so many other scent obsessions to discover, I hope to share some more shops and candles with you all in the future!

Until next time,

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6 thoughts on “A Nosy Adventure; Let’s Talk Candles!

  1. Oooh hearing about the Rhys candle made me all excited, and I was about to go and buy it until you said their shop was closed. Are you guys going to sell the scent? If you are – let me know which it is/will be and I want to buy it! If not, RUDE.


      1. Yeah, I figured as much about selling it. Though I wasn’t sure what the stipulation was when she gave you the secret recipe! YES CURRENTLY REQUESTING A CUSTOM. Talk to your sis and let me know if that would actually be possible. If so, let me how I can order one (it’s okay if I have to pay more, I recognize I’m being an extreme diva).


  2. I’m so obsessed with bookish candles it’s unreal! Unfortunately, being in the UK means that I have a limited selection of companies to buy from as shipping from the US is rather pricey. Meraki Candles, Bookish Burns, Book and Nook, and Happy Piranha are the ones I’ve found and they’re all amazing! I’d love to try some from wickworms, flickthewick and court of Candles someday.


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