JORD Watches & A Little Story on Expanding Your Horizons

One of the greatest things about being savvy with social media, is the amazing opportunities and experiences you get to partake in that would have otherwise been out of reach.  For example, at this very moment, you are partaking in a little snippet of DeerTales history: you are currently reading my first promotional post. jord watch planner

How about a little back story for ya on how this came to be?

I was recently contacted by JORD Watches, asking me if I would like to participate in their Holiday Blogger Promotional Campaign.  Now, keep in mind, I don’t take book reviews, free products, or ‘rep’ positions lightly.  I swore to myself a year and a half ago when I started this social media adventure, that no matter what happened, I would always be genuine.  I would never sacrifice who I am, or lessen my opinions for anything I read or received.  Because after all, aren’t bad reviews just as valuable as good ones (if only for a completely different purpose…)

So, let’s take a journey back to two weeks ago.

JORD emails me.  I panic because I am a completely unreasonable human being.  I called the boyfriend.  He is very excited; tells me to say ‘yes, of course I’ll do it!’  So, I panic some more.  Promptly dial-up my sister.  (But, you know, not really dialing because hello, this is 2017 I don’t actually know anyone’s phone number.)  She says that it sounds awesome and I should totally do it.  I’m now leaning towards responding to JORD but because unreasonableness, I obviously need a few more opinions.  Texted the best friend asking for her opinion.  Twenty minutes and several gifs later, I am almost convinced to say yes.  So, to finally sway me into the ‘promoted land of uncertainty’ I brought in the big dogs – I called mom.

Anyways, flash forward a few days and I am holding the nicest watch I have ever owned in my hands, wondering why I ever considered saying no to working as a product partner. jord frankie watch

I even created a little list for you on why this company is the

  1. JORD creates their wooden watches with 100% natural wood.  Natural is better. End of story.
  2. My particular watch (Koa & Ash Frankie) is super lightweight, which is perfect since I have tiny baby wrists that get tired very easily.
  3. But even though its lightweight, I love how big it is!  I think big watches are great conversation starters and big watches on women are sexy.
  4. The packaging is AMAZING.  It comes in a sturdy and gorgeous wooden box, with a nice thick watch pillow too.
  5. There are tons of colors for not only the watch face, but the wood as well, so limitless options!

Okay, so enough with the raving, how about I share a super secret and awesome deal to with you all for your own JORD watch!

Head to this link:

jord watchThe site will try to fool you and say “Oh NOOO come back on Black Friday”  BUT IGNORE THAT and click the Black Friday words five times.

Some crazy black voodoo magic will happen, the site flips over on itself, and you get to access some amazing deals that won’t even be available on Black Friday!  We’re talking about some watches that are $125 off!

I am so glad that everyone convinced me not to turn down an awesome opportunity to work with a great company!  The boyfriend (who considers himself a watch guru) even said to me this evening: “You better not be planning on giving that watch to anyone for Christmas – It’s gorgeous and you should keep it.”

Aye Aye Boyfriend, will do.

PS: if you miss the Black Friday sale, I have got easy links for you!

For men’s watches, click here.
For the women’s shop, go here.
OR, if you love the watch I am wearing in these photos, I have made it easy for you: go here!

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Luxury Wooden Watch

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