DeerTales Holiday Gifting Guide!

If you’re like me, you started holiday shopping back in September.  But, if you are a normal, sane, and reasonable human being than it is about that time to start thinking about your holiday gifts.

I admit, I have almost zero chill when it comes to Christmas (which is what my family celebrates despite zero religious affiliation).  Then combine that with how large my family is, and I get a recipe of “plan early or go broke”.  I try to space everything out so that when the boyfriend and I actually head home for Christmas, we have some money to go get drinks with friends too.

Anyways, as time slips away I have found that it becomes harder and harder for me to think of gift ideas for all sorts of people in my life.  So, I have decided to help you all out a little bit this year!  Read on for DeerTales Gift Guide!*

*Note!  This is not bookish themed, it is a general gift guide with tons of ideas for all the different people in your life.

Stocking Stuffers: (gotta start off easy)

  • Etsy Nail Polish – my go-to brand for an at home manicure. 🙂
  • Stickers from Redbubble – most of the stickers on Redbubble are super inexpensive, and if you buy them in larger quantities, you get a bigger discount!
  • Cookies – my boyfriend loves getting Oreo’s in his stocking every year (he’s an Oreo fanatic)pop socket
  • Pop Sockets – Have you all used these yet!?  They. Are. Amazing!  Especially if you have a big phone, these are so awesome for taking pictures, or just getting a better grip on that technological monstrosity you carry around in your pocket.

For the Bookworm That is Impossible to Shop For:

  • Collector’s Editions – I assume you know how hard it is to shop for someone in your life that has their own library.  You run the risk of getting them something they already have or even worse – have owned before and unhauled!  I have found that a great median is to grab gorgeous coffee table books or collector’s editions of books you know they love.  There are so many to choose from: Penguin Cloth-Bounds, Drop Caps, Barnes & Noble Classics, The Illustrated Versions of Harry Potter… the list goes on!

For the Sophisticates in Your Life:

  • jord watchJORD watches – I recently did a post solely on how amazing JORD watches are, so check it out HERE.  Basically, these wood watches are fantastic quality, they are made out of 100% natural wood, they are super photogenic, and will elevate an outfit almost instantly.  My favorite aspect of my watch though, is how lightweight it is.  I have laughably small wrists, but I love the statement that big watches make, and with my watch, I get the best of both worlds.  I am super fond of my particular watch (the Frankie Koa & Ash, so I linked it here for you to check out if you’re interested!

For the Foodie:

  • tablet holderTablet Holder – I am not sure how many people use cookbooks anymore, I know that when I am feeling the urge to cook I look to the most trusty source on the Internet: Pinterest.  But that also means I am reading recipes from my iPad.  Having this awesome iPad – holder -upper – proper thing would be amazing and super practical to have in the kitchen!
  • Coffee Table Cookbooks & Lookbooks – If all else fails, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with gorgeous pictures of food, kitchen products, and fancy beverages. 

For the Bold and Colorful Women:

  • loren hope
    image: @lorenhope

    Loren Hope Jewelry – a tiny bit on the pricier side, these amazing statement pieces are handmade in the USA, and absolutely a conversation starter.  I have several Loren Hope pieces (a few bracelets, a necklace, and earrings) that have absolutely made an outfit.  They are expensive though, (that whole handmade thing ya know?) but their customer service is fabulous.  I have had a bracelet break before, I mailed it back to them and they replaced it for free!

For the Travelers & Lovers of the World:

  • Scratch Maps – THESE ARE SO AWESOME!  scratch mapThe idea is the map is dark with a metallic foil over the countries / states / etc. and as you visit new places you scratch off the metallic to reveal a colorful entity underneath!  My boyfriend gave me one of the world a few years ago, but I have also seen just European ones, as well as just the United States.  They’re not that expensive either!  I have seen them on a ton of different websites, just Google ‘scratch maps’ and you should be in-like-Flynn.
  • Tapestries / Any Home Decor From Society6 – For more variety, just head on over to Society6.  If you aren’t familiar with Society6, artists upload their designs that are then printed on tapestries, pillowcases, wall art, shower curtains, coffee mugs, phone cases, comforters, BASICALLY LIMITLESS OPTIONS.  They also always have a fantastic Black Friday Sale, so keep your peepers peeled.

For the Coffee Connoisseurs:

  • Coffee Mugs – I am a big, BIG fan of unique coffee mugs.  If it has an irregular shape, I need it.  If it has deer on it, I need it.  Yes, there are some expensive coffee mugs out there, but I also find that Home Goods and TJ Maxx always have some awesome mugs for cheap.  Then, bonus, you can get some tea or coffee there to bundle together!blue coffee pour
  • Coffee Subscription – There are a ton of options out there for some amazing coffee to be delivered to your door every month!  Check out Single Cup Club for K-cup lovers, or if fresh roasted is more your/their style, maybe Bean Box is the way to go!

For the Techies:

  • Phone Cases / Laptop Cases / iPad Sleeves – Our most prized and expensive possessions need protection!  Society6, as I had mentioned previously, have phone cases and laptop cases in their product selection, but I have never bought anything from their tech category so I can’t personally attest to the quality.  I have, however, purchased from Casetify before and I LOVED their cases.  Artsy and fun, but also super sturdy and protective.
  • Headphones – You don’t need to spend a ton of money to get some awesome headphones!  There are even some great wireless options out there as well, perfect for gym goers or the people who live in a perpetual state of tangled wires.  Check out Sudio for some fantastic options!

Well, I think I have tapped my brain of ideas for now!  I hope everyone has an amazing holiday shopping experience, and I hope that I have given you a few ideas!

Until next time,

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