5/30: My Top Reads This Year!

It has been so long book friends!acs_0043

This year has passed by in a blur, it is amazing how quickly time flies when you are busy every hour of the day. But, with that said, I have wrapped up my studying for the GRE, I have submitted my application for graduate school, I have cried all the tears, and now there is nothing to do but wait for a decision.

So, to distract myself from the angst of waiting, I thought I would jump right back into book blogging and share with you all my top 5 reads from 2018 (thus far)! I am reading much slower this year than previous years, but despite everything being only 3 books behind on my Goodreads challenge; I’ll call that a win!

Without further rambling, here is my list of my top five books so far this year! I expect that it will change by the end of December though, there are still a few books that I am very, VERY much looking forward to!

Photo Jan 28, 22 48 54 (1)The Girl in the Tower, Katherine Arden – It took me a whole month after its release to finally read the sequel to my favorite book of all time, The Bear and the Nightingale, and it was solely because I was so nervous that it would not live up to its predecessor. But it did. Wonderfully so. Girl has the same atmospheric, wintry vibes as Bear, but the setting is more politically driven and I was even more invested in the characters than I was before. This is a series I will continue to reread, and I positively cannot wait for The Winter of the Witch in January 2019.


Photo May 07, 08 05 01

Iron Gold – Pierce Brown is a monster and basically destroyed my life with this book. I won’t go into the content, it still hurts too much and you can read my full review here, but I thought this book was brilliantly twisted and beautifully written. The imagery! The sass! The dialogue! Everything was just really well done, and I’m dreading excited to see what happens next.


Photo Jan 04, 20 48 59Thunderhead, Neal Shusterman – If you all are sleeping on the Arc of the Scythe books, you need to pick these up ASAP! I enjoyed the first book in the series, but Thunderhead blew me away. There were twists and turns and the character development was fantastic. The world that Shusterman has created is so vivid and eerie, and everything in this book is hauntingly philosophical. Still in minor shock over the ending…


Photo Jun 11, 11 31 11The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson – The only book on this list that isn’t a book within an established favorite series of mine. But, I think The Stormlight Archives could be a favorite, depending on how the next book is! TWoK was a fantastic read, the world building was positively mind-blowing, and I really enjoyed all of the characters (even adding one to my all time fave list), but holy lord it is long. There were parts in the middle that dragged too much for my taste, and that is the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars – but I can still recognize how great of a book this is.


Photo May 07, 07 54 31The Brutal Telling – I don’t expect many of the readers of my blog to be fans of Louise Penny, but she is probably one of my favorite authors now that I am five books deep into the Detective Armand Gamache series. This book had everything I love about cozy mysteries, and more. There was art theft, a treasure hunt of sorts, suspense, beautiful relationships, tears, and a twist I did not see coming. Penny continues to amaze me and good GOD I love these characters so much it hurts.

I am deep into my very long, very epic current read at the moment, but once I finish that I am excited to knock off some more books from my TBR. Here is to hoping that some of the best books of the year are left to come!

Until next time (and let us hope it is not 4 months from now)

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5 thoughts on “5/30: My Top Reads This Year!

  1. I will hopefully, finally, getting to Scythe next month! It has been on my TBR since it came out. But it’s the BOTM for the Facebook Group I run for next month! So I have no excuse! It has to be read haha.
    I also really need to get into some Brandon Sanderson books! I have the Mistborn Trilogy so I need to get on that too!


  2. I absolutely LOVE Louise Penny books! If I could live anywhere, it’d be Three Pines. It’s so nice to see another Penny fan though! I’m reading a Brutal Telling this fall and I am so excited 😊


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