DeerTales.blog is an educational resource for people who want to learn to write well and possibly become professional authors.

Its pages contain materials for all occasions of the writer’s life:

🔸 Beginners will find information on how to improve the literary syllable and set up for fruitful work;

🔸 Beginning authors of novels and nonfiction books will get clear instructions – how to plan and write a quality manuscript;

🔸 For authors of finished works there is a step-by-step algorithm – what you need to do to publish your work in a publishing house.

It’s pretty much clear by now that literature is art, not an inborn trait like brown eyes or long legs.

What people call “giftedness” consists of the following elements:

🔸 emotional sensitivity, that is, the ability to be aware of one’s own and others’ emotions,

🔸 readiness, i.e. understanding of the environment in which the author has to work;

🔸 knowledge of theory and literary tools with which any creative idea can be realized;

🔸 experience.