Can I quote dictionary definitions without permission/attribution in a fiction novel?

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If this is fiction, it is typically not done in the text, but in a note at the beginning or end of the book. You’ll also want to make sure you either have permission, or are following “fair use” guidelines. However, you can get around these requirements by making up your own, official sounding definitions.

Do you need permission to quote a dictionary?

Yes, you can quote directly if you enclose it in quote marks. And if you do reword an existing definition, you should still cite it in most cases.

Can I use dictionary definitions in my book?

If you write a book about dictionaries, then giving an illustrative example would be fair use, but using the work and money of those scholars and institutions that created the dictionary because you are unable or unwilling to find or create your own example sentences is copyright infringement.

Can you quote the dictionary in a book?

Tips. If an encyclopedia or dictionary entry does not indicate a specific author or co-authors, begin the citation with a group author such as Merriam-Webster or American Psychological Association, followed by the year of publication in round brackets.

Do you put dictionary definitions in quotes?

If the entry contains numerous definitions, the citation should identify which portion you quote. Designate this information by adding “def.” (without the quotation marks) and the number and letter of the definition. Put a comma after the entry word if you add this information: (“Slime,” def.

Are Merriam Webster definitions copyrighted?

Copyright. MERRIAM-WEBSTER ONLINE contains copyrighted material, trademarks, and other proprietary information. MERRIAM-WEBSTER ONLINE ( copyright © 2012 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated.

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Is Websters dictionary copyrighted?

The Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (editor Noah Porter, Springfield, MA: C. & G. Merriam Co., 1913), from which copyright has lapsed and is now in the public domain, has been digitized in 1996 by MICRA, Inc.

How do you quote a definition from a book?

To cite a definition within the text, you would place the institution or organizations and the date of publication in parentheses after the relevant phrase and before the punctuation mark. If the definition is quoted, you must also add the page number.

Are urban dictionary words copyrighted?

“Urban Dictionary” is a registered trademark of Urban Dictionary, LLC, all rights reserved. The Urban Dictionary logo is a trademark of Urban Dictionary, LLC.

Where do Google definitions come from?

Google’s English dictionary is provided by Oxford Languages. Oxford Languages is the world’s leading dictionary publisher, with over 150 years of experience creating and delivering authoritative dictionaries globally in more than 50 languages.

How do you cite a dictionary in text?

If you are creating an in-text citation for a dictionary entry, you would follow APA’s standard in-text citation guidelines of including the first part of the reference and the year. For example, your in-text citations might look like this: (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 1999) or (Onomatopoeia, n.d.).

How do you quote Oxford dictionary?

Title of Dictionary, ed. First name, Surname (if known), number edition. (Location: Publisher, Year of publication), s.v. “Title of Entry,” URL if entry came from online source. Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd ed.

How do you cite a online dictionary?


  1. headword of the entry cited (in quotes)
  2. title of the source (in italics)
  3. date the dictionary or thesaurus was published, posted, or revised (Use the copyright date noted at the bottom of this and every page of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.)
  4. full URL of the site (up to and including the file name)
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How do you cite Oxford dictionary in text?

Cite : Oxford English Dictionary. “art, n. 1.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2022.

How do you cite Merriam Webster Harvard?

Edition. Date. Place: Publisher. a) Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary.

How do I cite Cambridge dictionary Online?

Title of definition. In A.A. Editor (Ed.), Title of resource (edition). Retrieved date from URL. (Cambridge University Press, n.d.)

How do you cite a dictionary definition?

To cite a dictionary definition in APA Style, start with the author of the dictionary (usually an organization), followed by the publication year, the word you’re citing, the dictionary name, the publisher (if not already listed as author), and the URL.

Who wrote the online Cambridge Dictionary?

Colin McIntosh is the chief editor of the new edition of the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and a writer on language and languages.

How do I cite Cambridge Online Harvard?

In: Publication Title. [online] City: Publisher, p. Pages Used. Available at: http://Website URL [Accessed Date Accessed].

Do you have to cite a dictionary definition?

You do not always need to cite and reference a dictionary definition. Whether you need to or not will depend on the type of dictionary and/or how you are using the definition in your work.

Do you have to reference dictionary definitions Harvard?

Note: entries retrieved from online encyclopedias and dictionaries via the Library databases can be referenced as though they were print. For dictionary entries with no author there is no need for an entry in the reference list.

How do you Harvard reference the Oxford English Dictionary?

(Year) Volume (if applicable). Edition. Place of publication: Publisher. e.g. Shorter Oxford English dictionary.

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How do I cite the National Biography Oxford dictionary?

“Ann Catley (1745-1789).” In Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Oxford University Press, 2004. doi:10.1093/ref:odnb/4895.

How do you cite the OED in text MLA?

“Title of Entry.” Title of Encyclopedia or Dictionary, Publisher if known, Copyright Date or Date Updated, URL. Accessed Day Month Year site was visited. “Filibuster.” Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 2019, redirectedFrom=fillibuster#eid.

How do I cite the Oxford dictionary in APA 7th edition?

URL. Author A. A. (n.d.). Title of entry. In E. E. Editor (Ed.), Name of dictionary/encyclopedia (edition, if not the first).