Can I use pre-existing mythological characters in a story that isn’t about any mythology?

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Can you use mythology in a story?

One of the simplest ways you can reference mythology is to name one of your characters after a great hero or villain. If readers know the story, name recognition will give them some immediate insight into your character, or clue them into an important event to come.

Can you change Greek mythology?

Absolutely. Not only do the canonical texts disagree as Philipp stated, but the ancient Greeks themselves typically based theatrical performances on their myths, sometimes with parodic intent. So doing variant versions of the stories have existed as long as the stories themselves have.

What makes a myth?

Myths are stories that are based on tradition. Some may have factual origins, while others are completely fictional. But myths are more than mere stories and they serve a more profound purpose in ancient and modern cultures. Myths are sacred tales that explain the world and man’s experience.

What type of characters are in a myth?

The main characters in myths are usually non-humans, such as gods, demigods, and other supernatural figures. However, others also include humans, animals, or combinations in their classification of myth.

Who was the ugliest god?


Hephaestus. Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. Sometimes it is said that Hera alone produced him and that he has no father. He is the only god to be physically ugly.

How do you create a myth?

Write down three main locations, and what life around those places might be like. Start to create your characters. Most myths contain Gods and Goddesses, so try to read around other Gods and Goddesses you are interested in. Use traits or parts of their myths to build your own.

Can Greek gods turn into animals?

The story of Europa’s abduction is yet another story of Zeus, transforming himself into an animal to seduce a mortal woman. In this case, the god took the shape of a bull. Europa was a descendant of the nymph Io from Phoenice.

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How do you write a mythological fiction?

Introduce the setting and main character.

  1. Set the myth in the distant past, or a distant land. Think of all the stories you know that begin “Once upon a time,” “Far, far away,” or even “A long, long time ago.”
  2. Describe the kind of hero people expect in myths.

What did Zeus turn into?

Zeus made himself as small as he could, and transformed into an ant in order to have sex with Eurymedousa, another princess in northern Greece. Their son was Myrmidon (“ant-man”) and was the progenitor of the race of warriors that Achilles commanded in The Iliad.

What are the 4 types of mythology?

There are four basic theories of myth. Those theories are: the rational myth theory, functional myth theory, structural myth theory, and the psychological myth theory. The rational myth theory states that myths were created to explain natural events and forces.

What is mythological character?

A mythology is a collection of traditional stories about characters such as deities, heroes, and fanciful creatures. Anything related to a mythology is mythological. Creatures such as unicorns and the Kraken are mythological, as are elves, dragons, and goblins.

What is the coolest Greek god name?

The Top 100 Interesting Male Greek God Names for Babies & Their Realms

  • Ares (god of war)
  • Athena (goddess of wisdom)
  • Hephaestus (god of fire)
  • Enyo (goddess of war and destruction)
  • Hebe (goddess of youth)
  • Heracles (hero famous for extraordinary strength)

Who is the most badass goddess?

8 Women From Mythology Who Were Badass Even Before The Term Was Coined

  1. Kali – the slayer of evils. …
  2. Hel – goddess of the dead. …
  3. Anat – the goddess of sexual love. …
  4. Amaterasu – the source of light. …
  5. Ix – Chel – the moon goddess. …
  6. Louhi – the goddess of death. …
  7. Mami Wata – the river goddess. …
  8. Tiamat – the goddess of the ocean.
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What girl name means most beautiful in Greek?


The name Calista is a popular name for baby girls and is of Greek origin. Calista is one of the cool names for girls, which means “the most beautiful” and it sounds modern too.

Is Nyx stronger than Zeus?

Nyx is older and more powerful than Zeus. Not much is known about Nyx. In the most famous myth featuring Nyx, Zeus is too afraid to enter Nyx’s cave for fear of angering her.

What is NOX the god of?


Parents Chaos (no father)
Goddess of The night
Home Erebus and sky
Retinue Hypnus, Oneiroi, Astra, Hesperus
Roman Name Nox

Why did Zeus marry his sister?

Why is Zeus married to his sister? To hide her shame, Hera agreed to marry him. It was a violent marriage at best. Though Zeus had pursued his sister and sought to possess her by marriage, he never gave up his lusty ways.

Who is Nyx afraid of?


Nyx, in Greek mythology, female personification of night but also a great cosmogonical figure, feared even by Zeus, the king of the gods, as related in Homer’s Iliad, Book XIV.

What is Nike’s goddess?

the goddess of victory

Nike, in ancient Greek religion, the goddess of victory, daughter of the giant Pallas and of the infernal River Styx. Nike probably did not originally have a separate cult at Athens.

Is Kronos a Titan?

In Greek mythology Cronus was the son of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth), being the youngest of the 12 Titans. On the advice of his mother he castrated his father with a harpē, thus separating Heaven from Earth.

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What does hemera mean?

Definition of hemera

1 : a stratigraphic zone comprising the time range of a particular fossil species. 2 : a period of time during which a race of organisms is at the apex of its evolution.

What is the Ferryman’s name?


Charon, in Greek mythology, the son of Erebus and Nyx (Night), whose duty it was to ferry over the Rivers Styx and Acheron those souls of the deceased who had received the rites of burial. In payment he received the coin that was placed in the mouth of the corpse.

Who is Tartarus?

In Greek mythology, Tartarus is both a deity and a place in the underworld. In ancient Orphic sources and in the mystery schools, Tartarus is also the unbounded first-existing entity from which the Light and the cosmos are born.

Is Typhon a Titan or a god?

Though addressed as being a “Titan” in God of War II, Typhon was not a Titan in real mythology; merely a ferocious monster whom Gaia had given birth to long after giving birth to the twelve Titans. In other versions, he was said to be the god of windstorms and drought, but still a son of Gaia and Tartarus.

What is Hecatonchires?

The Hundred-Handers, Cottus, Briareus and Gyges, were three monstrous giants, of enormous size and strength, with fifty heads and one hundred arms. They were among the eighteen offspring of Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth), which also included the twelve Titans, and the three one-eyed Cyclopes.