Citation short form for authors’ names: different authors, different books, same last name. First name in endnote?

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How do I separate author names in EndNote?

Enter author information

To enter multiple authors, place each author’s name on a new line by pressing Enter after each addition. When a comma is used to separate names, EndNote will take everything prior to the comma to be a surname.

How do you cite multiple references in EndNote?

To insert multiple citations:

  1. Hold the Ctrl key (on a Windows PC) or the command key (on a Mac) while selecting multiple references in your Endnote library. OR. …
  2. Insert selected references as explained above under Method 1 or Method 2.

How do you cite the names of two or three authors?

Use the word “and” between the authors’ names within the text and use the ampersand in parentheses. In subsequent citations, only use the first author’s last name followed by “et al.” in the signal phrase or in parentheses. In et al., et should not be followed by a period.

How do you reference an entire name in EndNote?

In EndNote, input the organisation’s full name in the Author field, adding a comma after the final word (the comma ensures that the corporate/organisation name appears in full). First time the reference is used in Word: With your cursor placed in the relevant place in your text, insert your citation with EndNote.

How can I prevent author initials being added to my Citations in word?

On the left-hand side again, under Citations, select Author Name. Uncheck the box that reads Use initials only for primary authors with the same name.

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How do you do APA style referencing?

The APA referencing style is an “author-date” style, so the citation in the text consists of the author(s) and the year of publication given wholly or partly in round brackets. Use only the surname of the author(s) followed by a comma and the year of publication.

How do you insert multiple citations?

Select the Insert Citation icon on the EndNote tab in Word. This opens the EndNote 20 Find & Insert My References dialog. Hold the Ctrl or command key while selecting multiple references.

How do you put multiple references in one sentence?

To highlight the work(s) most relevant to your point in a given sentence, place those citations first within parentheses in alphabetical order. Then insert a semicolon and a phrase, such as “see also,” before the remaining citations, which should also be in alphabetical order.

How do you combine in text citations?

If two separate citations appear together you may want to combine these into a single reference for style purposes. Simply highlight the two references you need to merge and press the ‘Merge Citations’ button on the toolbar. The two citations will be merged into a single, properly styled reference.

How do you abbreviate references?

When abbreviating a term, use the full term the first time you use it, followed immediately by the abbreviation in parentheses. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), abbreviations are best used only when they allow for clear communication with the audience.

How do I abbreviate group authors in in text Citations and reference list entries?

You are not obligated to abbreviate the name of a group author, but you can if the abbreviation would help avoid cumbersome repetition and will appear more than three times in the paper. As with other abbreviations, spell out the name of the group upon first mention in the text and then provide the abbreviation.

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How do you cite acronyms in APA?

If a citation accompanies an abbreviation, include the abbreviation and parenthetical citation within the same parentheses. Put the abbreviation first, followed by the citation. Separate the abbreviation and the citation with a semi-colon. For the plural form of the abbreviation, add a small “s” after the abbreviation.

How do you cite multiple authors in APA?

List only the first author’s name followed by “et al.” in every citation, even the first, unless doing so would create ambiguity between different sources.

What is the correct reference format for a book?

Referencing print books

  • The author(s), or editor(s) – by surname and initial(s)
  • Year of publication.
  • The title (in italics or bold)
  • The edition other than the first (if applicable)
  • Place of publication.
  • The publisher’s name.

How do you list a book reference?

The basic structure of a book reference should list the author’s last name, the first initial of their first name, the first initial of their middle name (if applicable), publication year, book title, edition (if it isn’t the first), and publisher. This is the same format for both books and ebooks.

How do you cite a book with multiple authors?

If there are three or more authors, list only the first author followed by the phrase et al. (Latin for “and others”) in place of the subsequent authors’ names. (Note that there is a period after “al” in “et al.” Also note that there is never a period after the “et” in “et al.”).

How do you cite books in MLA format?

An MLA book citation always includes the author(s), title (italicized), publisher, and publication year in the Works Cited entry.
Citing a book chapter.

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Format Author last name, First name. “Title of Chapter or Work.” Book Title, edited by Editor name, Publisher, Year, pp. Page range.
In-text citation (Smith 101)

What are the example of references?

References: Common Reference List Examples

  • Article (With DOI)
  • Article (Without DOI)
  • Book.
  • Chapter in an Edited Book.
  • Dissertations or Theses.
  • Legal Material.
  • Magazine Article.
  • Newspaper Article.