Citing Pseudonym/Handle as Author: MLA 8?

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How do you cite an author with a pseudonym MLA?

If you know the real name of an author listed in pseudonym, you may add it in a parenthesis. Omit titles given to authors such as Dr., Sir, Saint, etc. in the works cited list.

How do you cite an anonymous author in MLA 8?

Unknown Author

Where you’d normally put the author’s last name, instead use the first one, two, or three words from the title. Don’t count initial articles like “A”, “An” or “The”. You should provide enough words to make it clear which work you’re referring to from your Works Cited list.

How do you reference a pseudonym?

When it comes to citing an author, cite whatever name is used by the source, whether it be a real name or a pseudonym. For example, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer lists Mark Twain as its author, not Samuel Clemens, so you should cite the author’s pseudonym rather than his real name.

How do you MLA cite a username?

List the username as the author. Use the phrase, Comment on, before the title. Use quotation marks around the article title. Name the publisher, date, time (listed on near the comment), and the URL.

How is pseudonym used in a case study?

Using pseudonyms:

Use a pseudonym only when your focus on the study site is significant, as when you are providing an in-depth case study rather than simply turning to a single institution for convenience. The danger of pseudonyms is that the made up name you choose may refer to an institution that actually exists.

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How do you cite an author with just a first name?

When there is only one name, simply use that name. The guiding principal of citation is to give a clear and unambiguous pointer for finding the work in question and related works.

How do you cite an anonymous author?

Write “Anonymous” in place of the author’s name in the parenthetical reference if it is used in the source, for example: (“Anonymous, 2008). Cite the source by its title if neither an author’s name nor the word “anonymous” is present. Use an abbreviated title if the title is long.

How do you cite something with an unknown author?

Unknown Author

If the work does not have an author, cite the source by its title in the signal phrase or use the first word or two in the parentheses. Titles of books and reports are italicized; titles of articles, chapters, and web pages are in quotation marks.

What do you write when an author is unknown?

When a work has no identified author, cite in text the first few words of the article title using double quotation marks, “headline-style” capitalization, and the year.

What happens if your source does not have an author listed?

No Author. If no author or creator is provided, start the citation with the title/name of the item you are citing instead. Follow the title/name of the item with the date of publication, and the continue with other citation details. Note: an author/creator won’t necessarily be a person’s name.

How do you cite a hashtag in MLA?

The MLA Style Center

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For up-to-date guidance, see the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook. Yes. Since hashtags are used for a variety of reasons in tweets—to categorize the tweet, to communicate with a group, to convey humor, and so on—hashtags should be included in quotations of tweets.

How do you cite a hashtag?

So how do you cite a hashtag? This may surprise you: You don’t! That’s because, just like a search of a research database, finding and searching with the right hashtag is part of your research methodology. And just as with other aspects of your methodology, you can simply describe it the text of your paper.

Are hashtags italicized?

Instagram photo

Provide the first 20 words of the post as the title. Count a URL, a hashtag, or an emoji as one word each, and include them in the reference if they fall within the first 20 words. Do not italicize emojis.

How do you cite social media sources?

The most common way to cite your sources on social media is by reposting original content. When you repost, all of the details should carry over (including the author’s name or username), so there’s little or no additional information you’ll need to provide to give proper credit.

How do you cite an Instagram account?

Whether you’re citing a photo, a video, a profile page, or a highlight, just include the following in your reference:

  1. who (name and Instagram username),
  2. when (date posted),
  3. what (the caption, highlight title, or profile page title), and.
  4. where (URL).

How do you cite Instagram in-text MLA?

Lastname, Firstname (@username). Year. “Full text of Instagram post.” Instagram photo, Month day, year posted. URL.

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How do you cite TikTok in MLA?

TikTok. Format: Author [@Username]. “Caption of video.” TikTok, Date Posted, URL.

How do you cite Instagram stories MLA?

To cite an Instagram story, include the following details: the name of the person or group, the Instagram username, the content of the story, a description of the post in square brackets (e.g., [Highlight]) if needed, the website, the retrieved/accessed date, and URL.

How do you do MLA citations for websites?

Author Last Name, First Name. “Title of Work.” Title of Site, Sponsor or Publisher [include only if different from website title or author], Date of Publication or Update Date, URL. Accessed Date [only if no date of publication or update date].

How do you cite Twitter?

The MLA offers these guidelines for including a tweet in the works cited list: Last name, first name (Username). “Full text of tweet.” Date, time. Tweet.