Do I need Permission for Acknowledgements or Reprinting Articles?

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How do you get permission to reuse figures from published articles?

The easiest way to obtain permission to reproduce a figure is using RightsLink. The majority of publishers use this service. If the publisher of the figure you wish to reproduce does not use RightsLink, you can request permissions directly from the publisher.

How do I get permission to use a figure from an article?

Go to the abstract page of the article from which the figure is to be reproduced. In the right-hand toolbar, click the ‘Rights and Permissions’ link to get to the permission request form. which the figure is to be reproduced.

What are permissions in publishing?

You, as the author, are responsible for getting written permission to use any material in your manuscript that has been created by a third party.

Do you need permission to adapt a figure?

Some publishers will grant you ‘re-use rights’ as part of your contract, so it is worth checking that first. Charts/figures/tables that have been created by another person generally require permission. You may even need permission to adapt a chart or figure.

How do I get permission to reprint an article?

A third party wishing to reprint all or any part of a copyrighted work must first obtain the permission of the copyright holder. Failure to do so could result in a lawsuit and substantial fines. Not every third party use of copyrighted material will be considered a copyright violation.

Do I need a permission to copy any figure from a research article for my review article?

Yes it is a must. If you don’t take permission to reproduce the figure in your article, it will be plagiarism. You will have to seek permission depending on the journal policies (sometimes only referencing will also do) in which the figure is published and then also you will have to properly cite the reference also.

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Can I use someone else’s figure in my paper?

When you use a figure in your paper that has been adapted or copied directly from another source, you need to reference the original source. This reference appears as a caption underneath the figure that you copied or adapted for your paper.

Can you use images from publications?

The right to publish a copyrighted image is controlled by the copyright owner, so each copyrighted image that you use must have permission or fall within an exception to the general copyright statue, such as public domain, fair use, or open access.

Are images from research papers copyrighted?

Basic intellectual property rules for images

Images appearing in books printed before 1923 are copyright free (for that particular published image). Any image, regardless of copyright, can be copied (once) and used personally in a non-distributive form for personal scholarship/study.

Can I use Google images for research?

17. Can I take an image from Google search? You cannot download or use images from Google without seeking permission from the copyright holder, unless your use falls within one of the exceptions or the work is distributed under an open licence such as Creative Commons.

Can I use images from other papers in thesis?

in your PhD thesis. When your thesis is deposited in Spiral and made available to the public, legally it will be viewed as published and you must get permission to reproduce any extracts, images, figures, etc. for which you do not own the copyright (you can use works which are out of copyright without permission).

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Can I use an image from an article in my thesis?

If a particular image you want to use is copyrighted, you will need to request permission from the copyright holder.

Can I reuse a photograph I found on the Internet in my PhD thesis?

We can not say for sure without the contract you signed. But it is possible, that you may not use your own pictures as you want to use them. You likely want to publish your thesis as CC-by so it is better to ask for a written permission to distribute the picture from your publication in any way you want.

Can I use a copyrighted image in my dissertation?

May I use copyrighted images in my essay / report / dissertation / thesis? Yes – you don’t need permission from the copyright holder to use images or any other copyrighted content in any piece of work you do for the purposes of examination.