First Person when the PoV is not the Protagonist?

Asked by: Munand Vicente

In “first person peripheral” the narrator is another character in the story, one who witnesses the main character’s story and conveys it to the reader. The peripheral narrator may be a part of the action but he is not the focus. One of the most famous examples of this point of view strategy is F.

Can you write stories in first person?

First-time writers often choose third-person for their short story or novel, but first-person POV can be a great choice to activate your story and bring your readers inside your character’s mind.

Should I write my story in 1st or 3rd person?

While first-person writing offers intimacy and immediacy between narrator and reader, third-person narration offers the potential for both objectivity and omniscience. This effectively makes both forms of narration appealing to both first-time and seasoned writers.

Can stories be first and third person?

A story can have a much different feel depending on who is doing the telling. The main points of view are first person and third person, with second person appearing less frequently but still common enough that it gets studied in writing classes.

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