How can I shorten a piece of writing without losing its original essence?

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What is Precis and its types?

Glossary of Grammatical and Rhetorical Terms

A précis is a brief summary of a book, article, speech, or other text. The basic characteristics of an effective précis are conciseness, clarity, completeness, unity, and coherence. According to Barun K.

What are the 10 steps of precis writing?

Top 10 Rules for Good Precis Writing

  • Decide Theme of the Passage.
  • No Reproduction of Important Sentences.
  • Have Brevity and Clarity.
  • Reflects the Intelligence of the Precis-writer.
  • Use Own Language.
  • Avoid Direct Speech and Use Indirect Speech.
  • Inclusion of Statistical Information.
  • Observe Proportion.

What are 6 steps in writing precis?

How to Write a Precis in 6 Steps

  • Step 1: Pick the article, work, or story you will write a precis on. …
  • Step 2: Read the original piece. …
  • Step 3: Re-read it and take notes. …
  • Step 4: Make an outline. …
  • Step 5: Write a precis. …
  • Step 6: Proofreading and editing.

What is the rule of precis writing?

A precis writing is a formal way of writing a shorter form of the given paragraph. So, even though you have read and understood the Precis well, do not form your own opinions. You cannot insert your own remarks and criticism in a precis. Always take the fact and data that is given in the paragraph only.

What are the qualities of a good precis?

Qualities for Writing a Good Precis

  • Objectivity. One should not ignore this quality instead give it utmost importance. …
  • Clarity. A precis is the crisp formation of the passage and it should be as crisp and clear as possible. …
  • Coherence. We have covered the importance of coherence above. …
  • Correctness. …
  • Conciseness. …
  • Completeness.
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What is the purpose of précis writing?

Precis writing is a form of technical writing where you’re required to summarize a passage of text in your own words. Essentially, precis writing rules involve compressing a passage to recollect its most important points.

What is the length of precis?

100-200 words

A précis is a way of summarizing in which the tone, proportions, and meaning of the original text are maintained. A précis summarizes a reading that you have completed. The length of a précis can vary greatly; it can be 100-200 words or approximately one-fifth to one-sixth of the length of the original reading.