How do I cite Google Public Data in my bibliography (APA format)?

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Generally the rule of thumb with web pages is to treat the title of the page or the domain as the title of the inline citation, so if the page title is ‘Google Public Data’, go with that. In practice I think that ‘Google’ is a little too general, because of the number of products Google provide.

How do you cite a Google search in APA?

A: No, but thanks for stopping by! Slightly Longer A: A search is not a source of information; it’s part of your research methodology. Describe it in the Method section of your paper and acknowledge the tools that you used (e.g., Google, Web of Science, PsycINFO). Don’t cite it in text or in the reference list.

How do you cite a Google search source?

Add a citation source

  1. In the Citations sidebar, click + Add citation source.
  2. Select the source type and how you accessed the source.
  3. Enter the citation details. …
  4. If a contributor is an organization rather than an individual, click Corporation/organization.
  5. Click Add citation source.

How do you cite a source from the Internet using APA in the bibliography?

When citing a web page or online article in APA Style, the in-text citation consists of the author’s last name and year of publication. For example: (Worland & Williams, 2015). Note that the author can also be an organization. For example: (American Psychological Association, 2019).

How do you cite a public statement in APA?

To cite a press release in APA Style, list the organization responsible, the date of publication, the title in italics, “Press release” in square brackets, and the URL.

How to Cite a Press Release in APA Style | Format & Example.

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Format Organization Name. (Year Month Day). Press release title [Press release]. URL
In-text citation (American Psychological Association, 2020)

How do you cite Google Images in APA 7th edition?

Image from an Electronic Source

  1. creator’s name (author, artist, photographer etc.)
  2. date the work was published or created.
  3. title of the work.
  4. place of publication.
  5. publisher.
  6. type of material (for photographs, charts, online images)
  7. website address and access date.

How do we cite a website?

Cite web postings as you would a standard web entry. Provide the author of the work, the title of the posting in quotation marks, the web site name in italics, the publisher, and the posting date. Follow with the date of access. Include screen names as author names when author name is not known.

How do you make an APA reference on Google Docs?

The reference page follows the general APA formatting guidelines. So make sure you set 12 point Times New Roman double spacing 1-inch margins and include a running head with page numbers already the

How do I cite a government website in APA?

Generally, it is not necessary to cite a website in a reference entry in APA style. According to the APA guidelines, one can simply add the URL of the website as an in-text citation, e.g.: The website USA gov ( claims to be an online guide to government information and services.

How do you cite a website in APA 7th edition?

Author, A. A. (Year, Month Day). Title of online content: Subtitle. Website Name. URL.

How do you cite a government website in APA 7th edition?

Government Document From a Website

  1. Example: United States Department of Children and Youth Services. ( 2010, April 27). …
  2. In-Text Paraphrase: (Name of Government Department, Agency or Committee, Year) …
  3. In-Text Quote: (Name of Government Department, Agency or Committee, Year, Section Name section, para.
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How do you cite a public document?

Government document citations include:

  1. Author or authors. The Author may be a government or corporate entity.
  2. Year.
  3. Title of report. Provide the report number in brackets if given.
  4. Publisher. Omit the publisher information if the author and the publisher are the same.
  5. DOI or URL is hyperlinked.

How do you cite in APA a website with no author?

Cite in text the first few words of the reference list entry (usually the title) and the year. Use double quotation marks around the title or abbreviated title.: (“All 33 Chile Miners,” 2010). Note: Use the full title of the web page if it is short for the parenthetical citation.