How do we write a good edit on Wikipedia?

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From Wikipedia. “The MoS presents Wikipedia’s house style, to help editors write articles with consistent and precise language, layout, and formatting, making Wikipedia easier and more intuitive for users. Plain English works best. Avoid ambiguity, jargon, and vague or unnecessarily complex wording.”

How do I make edits on Wikipedia?

How do I edit a page? To edit the whole page at once, click the “edit this page” tab at the top. To edit just one section, click the “edit” link to the right of the section heading. To edit on Wikipedia, you type in a special markup language called wikitext.

Can anyone make edits on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a wiki, meaning anyone can edit nearly any page and improve articles immediately. You do not need to register to do this, and anyone who has edited is known as a Wikipedian or editor. Small edits add up, and every editor can be proud to have made Wikipedia better for all.

What counts as an edit on Wikipedia?

An edit count, in Wikipedia and other projects within the Wikimedia movement, and in similar wikis, is a record of the number of edits performed by a particular editor, or by all editors on a particular page. An edit, in this context, is an individually recorded change to the content of a page.

How are Wikipedia edits approved?

If an administrator or a person who is considered trustful by any two administrators believes the edit is a valuable contribution to Wikipedia, they will approve the edit. The recent changes page, as well as the edit history of the page that has been edited, will mark this edit as an approved edit.

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Is editing Wikipedia illegal?

Anyone can – it’s open to all and can be modified and edited by anyone. However, Wikipedia’s administrators protect some pages from direct editing if they believe they are regularly subjected to “vandalism” – the addition of abusive language or falsehoods.

What are the rules for editing?

7 Golden Rules of Writing and Editing: A Non-grammar-focused Guide to Irresistible Writing

  1. Make a good first impression. …
  2. Write to express, not to impress. …
  3. Be specific – it won’t kill you. …
  4. Reign over pesky punctuation and grim grammar. …
  5. If in doubt, leave it out. …
  6. Pay attention to the boring bits. …
  7. The Final Read – One More Time.

Do wiki editors get paid?

Wikipedia. These editors are not paid by Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. They are understood to be contributing on behalf of a third party such as an employer or client.

Does it cost money to edit Wikipedia?

Because of this, people and companies sometimes offer to create Wikipedia articles for pay. Wikipedia is free in every sense of the word—it is a repository for the entire world’s knowledge, written by volunteers all over the world, and available to everyone for free without advertisements.

What are the rules for posting on Wikipedia?

Be plain, direct, unambiguous, and specific. Avoid platitudes and generalities. Even in guidelines, help pages, and other non-policy pages, do not be afraid to tell editors directly they must or should do something. Be as concise as possible—but no more concise.

How long do Wikipedia edits take?

3-6 months

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It needs to be able to approve a large percentage of Wikipedia within 3-6 months. Mark versions of each article appropriately depending on the outcome of any approval process for that version. This gives a guide to quality of particular versions in the history. Be simple to understand.

How do I get my article approved on Wikipedia?

So, if you want to get a Wikipedia page approved, stick to good sources like mainstream media.

  1. Use Only the References Necessary. …
  2. Don’t Include Original Research. …
  3. Remove Anything that can be Considered Promotional.

How can I put my information on Wikipedia?

Share your content on Wikipedia

  1. Create an account.
  2. Select the relevant article. Click on a talk page. (located at the top of any Wikipedia article)
  3. Click New Section.
  4. Write a message to give details about the text, then provide a link to the web address where it may be found.

Who qualifies for a Wikipedia page?

A Wikipedia page about a person requires the person be notable. Many people and brands believe they are notable enough, but aren’t. An article where you are just mentioned or quoted isn’t usually good enough. Articles about you need to be *about* you as the main subject.

How famous do you have to be to get a Wikipedia page?

How famous one has to be to become eligible for Wikipedia? You cannot rely on a single platform having your information. You have to show at least more than one or two credible sources in your references to become eligible for the platform.

Can I make a Wikipedia page for myself?

Anyone can create a Wikipedia user account and write an article, on any topic whatsoever. Wikipedia, however, would prefer that topic not be “Myself.” It’s right there, clearly stated in their terms of service. Wikipedia entries are like wedding showers.

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Who writes wiki pages?

The articles on Wikipedia are collaboratively written by thousands of volunteers. Almost all articles have more than one author. If you want to know who wrote a particular article, click on the “history” tab at the top of that page. That will show who has edited the page.