How do you write boy & girl protagonists without turning them into a love story?

Asked by: Jen Garcia

How do you make a boy write?

Step 1 write the word boy. Using only lowercase letters leave a bit of space between each letter. Step 2 put dots inside both the B and the O.

How do you draw boy?

So let's get started with this draw so cute boy we're gonna first start by drawing his face so right here I'm going to be drawing basically the bottom of a you so I'm going to go to the other side.

How do you write to a girl?

G I R L great i can make a sentence with the word girl the girl is writing her like can you make a sentence with it. Too. Take another look close your eyes.

How do you draw a boy or girl?

We're gonna do the same for both just draw two c's one backwards and one's four one forward this is for the ears.

How do you draw a bad boy?

To have a you know bad guy character I wouldn't put these lines in for the smile of of your average. You know manga protagonist. Now I'm going to start building up the cheekbones.

How do you draw a teenager?

And today I'm going to show you how to draw a teenager. We're going to do this in a 3/4 view. So I want to take this character's face start with this shape right here.

How do you draw boys lips?

Line to each side draw a tick for the corners of the mouth. They can angle in any direction you want by moving the ticks closer together you'll get a small mouth.

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How do you draw a mom?

So now that i know where her shoulder is let's bring mom's hand all the way. Down. So i want her hand to be right here.

How do you draw a superhero dad?

Let's draw a line over each eye diagonal line yeah then we can draw another curve. That comes up over around and then back down to make his eyebrows look thicker. And we can do that on both sides.

How do you draw a cute boy easy?

Like that another side as well two circles curved line shade in the top. And the lines at the bottom. And let's give him a cute little smile. So about right here draw a little curve.

How do you draw a boy and a girl kissing?

So about right here we're drawing curve and come around and so same thing on this side for the girl. We want to make sure of course that it touches because they're kissing.

How do you draw a puppy video?

Right yes draw a little v right in the middle about low below the eyes good now let's connect the top we're going to draw a curve that starts on one side curves around and connects to the other side.

How do you draw a prince for kids?

Let's draw her prince next to her i start with his ears. And face then i draw his two eyes his nose and his smiling mouth i draw his hair and i draw a crown too on top of his head.

How do you draw a king picture?

Okay now let's draw the details for their clothes. So for the king let's draw let's draw a waist. So we're going to draw. A line across. And then we're going to draw a line. Down. That's for a shirt.

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How do you draw Rapunzel face?

And not to commit on some of these lines yet too early from this line from this horizontal. Line i'm going to be drawing. In her cheek to her chin.

How do you draw a princess Cinderella easy?

A smile yeah that's a good spot. Then we're going to draw. Another smile underneath a u-shape for the bottom of her mouth. So that her mouth is open then let's draw an upside down u inside her tongue.

How do you draw Elsa from frozen?

All right she's looking cute now we're gonna draw the top of her head we're gonna draw a big curved M so we'll come up and then back down now we're gonna draw the other bump over the other eye.

How do you write Pikachu?

Right. And then another circle on this one in the top. Left cross it yeah it looks a little cross-eyed. But we're going to color in the big circle and leave those small circles. White.

How do you draw a cute frozen?

And then go up there so we have the bottom of her face in let's come back to where we started i'm going to draw a circle for the eye.

How do you draw Hello Kitty?

Let's do a little U or C shape inside. And then one on the other side too you already knew that now we're gonna draw her ear. And it's just a little a shape over her bow.

How do you draw a Belle princess?

This is for the bottom of her. Head. Good I like it now we're gonna draw the top of her head. So we're gonna draw a rainbow line that connects from one side over to the other side.

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How do you draw a mermaid Ariel?

You could draw them bigger there you go. I'm going to make these a little bit bigger once we color them in but before we do that let's draw a smaller circle. Inside.

How do you draw a Disney prince?

I generally like to start all my drawings with a really rough sketch. This is really just going to be starting with a circle it doesn't need to be a perfect circle in one line.

How do you draw Disney?

You can learn the art of hand-drawn animation in our animation Academy where a character artist will teach you how to draw one of 50 Disney characters.