How does my secondary protagonist turn into the antagonist?

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Can a protagonist turn into an antagonist?

Whether their intentions are unknown, their actions are both positive and negative, or they are their own worst enemy, a primary character can be both a protagonist and an antagonist at the same time. This can also extend to the creation of an ‘anti-hero’.

Can the antagonist be a secondary character?

The 4 Types of Antagonists

Of course, many stories include more than one antagonist: Lord Voldemort is the primary antagonist in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, but other characters, such as Draco Malfoy, act as secondary antagonists.

What is it called when the protagonist becomes the antagonist?

This trope is called a Face-Heel Turn. “Face” and “heel” are professional wrestling jargon for “good guy” and “bad guy” respectively.

How do I turn my character into a villain?

If there is something they really wish to achieve no matter what then that goal might end up shifting them into a villainous character it will likely be a result of their determination.

What is the third protagonist called?


In literature, the tritagonist (from Ancient Greek τριταγωνιστής (tritagōnistḗs) ‘third actor’) or tertiary main character is the third most important character of a narrative, after the protagonist and deuteragonist. In ancient Greek drama, the tritagonist was the third member of the acting troupe.

Is Eren the antagonist?

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the Attack on Titan series. He is a former member of the Survey Corps, the leader of the Yeagerists, the current inheritor of the Attack Titan and later revealed to be the Founding Titan as well.

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Who is the antagonist of Peppa Pig?

Lucina is the main antagonist in the show Peppa Pig. She seems to hate the Pig family and wants to kill every last one of them, just like her role model Dimitri.

Is Sasuke a side character?

Once creating Sasuke’s character, Kishimoto decided to use him as a protagonist rather than supporting character in order to start his development at the same time as Naruto.

What is a Contagonist?

The contagonist is an antagonistic character who will get in the protagonist’s way, try to lead him astray, and just generally cause conflict and tension. He differs from the antagonist in that he isn’t necessarily directly opposed to the protagonist.

What are the 8 character archetypes?

In The Hero of a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell explores the eight types of characters in the hero’s journey. These character types include the hero, mentor, ally, herald, trickster, shapeshifter, guardian, and shadow.

What is the most important character called?


Protagonist: The main character of the story is the protagonist.

How do you write a good Deuteragonist?

Make your deuteragonist a foil for the main character. That is, the deuteragonist should be strikingly different from the protagonist in some way. The specifics, of course, depend on your individual storytelling choices.

Can there be two deuteragonists?

Another name for the deuteragonist is a “window character”, and there can be more than one.

Can a villain be a deuteragonist?

The deuteragonist is the secondary character, right behind the protagonist in importance. The deuteragonist may be on the protagonist’s side: for example, a love interest or sidekick. Or the deuteragonist can be a villain, like the protagonist’s main rival. The deuteragonist could also be a neutral character.

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