How important is a BISAC Category?

Asked by: April Barnes

Maintained by the Book Industry Study Group (, BISAC codes provide writers a uniform method for categorization. Since BISG updates BISAC annually, the code list keeps up with changes in the publishing industry; meaning using BISAC to categorize your book ensures long-term relevance.

Why are Bisac codes important?

BISAC codes ensure that no matter where you search for a book—a brick-and-mortar bookstore, Amazon, or an online library catalog—you’ll always find it under the same category.

What is a Bisac category?

The BISAC Subject Headings List, also known as the BISAC Subject Codes List, is a standard used by many companies throughout the supply chain to categorize books based on topical content.

Do I need a Bisac code?

One BISAC code is required, but three is considered best practice to help ensure the broadest reach for your book. Why only give your book one opportunity to be found when you can give it three? Books are seldom about just one thing. Look for codes that reflect the breadth and depth of your book’s content.

What does Bisac mean in publishing?

Book Industry Standards and Communications

BISAC is an acronym for Book Industry Standards and Communications.

Does Amazon use Bisac codes?

Amazon accepts the first two BISAC codes you set and uses them to determine the most closely matching Amazon categories. Additionally, they also use the keywords you set (up to 7) to put your book in the most accurate ‘browse category’.

What is Thema subject?

WHAT IS THEMA? Thema is a multilingual subject category scheme designed to meet the needs of publishers, retailers and trade intermediaries in all sectors of the global book publishing business. It is managed by an international group of stakeholders, and is free to use.

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