How to express copyright when you use a pen name?

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File your registration with the Copyright Office. Whichever method you use, you must fill in the “Copyright Claimant” space and also check the “Pseudonymous” box to indicate that you’re using a pen name. You must include the required payment with your application.

How do you legally use a pen name as an author?

Are pen names legal? Yes, an author can legally use a pen name or pseudonym to publish their intellectual property. Pen names are legal, as long as you have purchased the rights to your pen name, and have copyrighted your name. An author of a copyrighted work is allowed to use a pseudonym or a pen name.

How do I protect my pen name?

Under U.S. law you can’t copyright a name, real or fictitious. Copyrights protect authorship, such as short stories, poems, or novels. You can register a manuscript under a pen name at the copyright office ( You’ll have to provide some information, including your real address.

Can I use a pen name when self publishing?

For instance, if you are self-publishing on Amazon’s Kindle platform, you can enter the pen name you want your new book to be published under, and that is separate from the author’s account (established under your real name) that you get paid under.

How do you copyright a pen name UK?

In the UK there is no need to register copyright. Legally, in the UK, work belongs to the author as soon as it is fixed in a readable format. In the US, you can register your copyright with an international copyright protection service or the Copyright Office. You do not have to use your real name to do this.

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Why did JK Rowling use a pen name?

Why the name Robert Galbraith? I chose Robert because it’s one of my favourite men’s names, because Robert F Kennedy is my hero and because, mercifully, I hadn’t used it for any of the characters in the Potter series or The Casual Vacancy.

Why you shouldn’t use a pen name?

Pen names can complicate social gatherings, especially if you forget and introduce yourself to someone under your given name, or fail to respond when someone calls you by your pen name. Also, conferences and signings may become challenging if you’re juggling two names.

How do I publish a pen name on Amazon?

You log into your KDP Publisher’s Account, go to your Bookshelf, and then “Add New Title.” Then, you’ll click “Add Contributors.” In that section, you’ll type the Kindle publishing pseudonym that you’ve chosen, as the Author. (See image). Simply by doing that, you’ve created your Amazon self publishing pseudonym.

Do I need a DBA for a pen name?

No, you don’t need to use a DBA for a pseudonym/”pen name”/pka/”professionally known as” name, but you can if you want to. You can also register your literary works under…

Should I trademark my pen name?

Having your pen name trademarked doesn’t mean other people can’t use it at all. There may be people whose legal given name is your pen name, and they aren’t infringing your trademark. However, trademark registration does mean you can prevent someone else from using the same name as their pen name.

Can I use a pen name on Facebook?

Facebook: Facebook only lets you establish a personal profile under your real name but you can create pages for your pen names. Pages are similar to profiles but a page can be used for commercial purposes while a profile is for personal use only.

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Can I use my pen name on LinkedIn?

When registering on our site, LinkedIn does not allow members to use pseudonyms, fake names, business names, associations, groups, email addresses, or special characters that do not reflect your real or preferred professional name. For more information, see the LinkedIn User Agreement.

Can you use a pen name on Instagram?

On Twitter and Instagram, you can set up (separate) accounts with “handles” that also incorporate “author,” “writer,” or “book.” Just make sure to note your writing career in your short bio so your readers can feel confident that they’ve found the real you.

Are fake names allowed on Facebook?

Facebook users cannot use fake names on their accounts. Always use your real name. You can change your name after your account is created only if you legally change your name, such as when you get married. It is a particularly flagrant violation of Facebook rules to intentionally impersonate another person on Facebook.

What is the punishment for making fake Facebook?

Identity Theft

Court cases have resulted in jail sentences for fake Facebook profiles; in this particular case, a woman was sentenced to 18 months in jail for her fake Facebook profile she created to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

What names are not allowed on Facebook?

What isn’t allowed? Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation. Characters from multiple languages. Titles of any kind (example: professional, religious).

What are good fake names?

Punny Names

  • Patty O’Furniture.
  • Paddy O’Furniture.
  • Olive Yew.
  • Aida Bugg.
  • Maureen Biologist.
  • Teri Dactyl.
  • Peg Legge.
  • Allie Grater.
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What is it called when an author uses a fake name?

A pseudonym is a fictitious name taken by a writer in place of their real name. The term “pseudonym” is a Greek word that literally means “false name.”

What is the most common fake name?

SOCIAL CONTEXT: Most common fake name – ‘John Smith’

  • John Smith (75,980)
  • Joe Smith (14,648)
  • Bob Smith (13,846)
  • Mike Smith (11,199)
  • Juan Carlos (10,254)
  • Jane Smith (10,023)
  • Mike Jones (10,014)
  • David Smith (9,322)